You are the Key to Success

The secret to being a true entrepreneur is realizing that your greatest asset is yourself and that is because only you contain the knowledge and the spirit to get your business underway, and only you understand your goals and what it’s going to take to get you to where you want to be.

Although the thought of starting a business can be overwhelming, the hardest part is understanding your own uniqueness. Many people may laugh at your ideas and say that they are impossible, but if you have thought everything through, your entrepreneurial spirit is going to lead you to what you want to do anyway. To hell with what others think.

You can waste months looking for some way to make money. Many are tempted to purchase “guru” packages that tout instant cash and easy ways to get rich. That isn’t to say you can’t learn a lot from some of these so-called gurus, but nothing you buy is going to give you that initial kick that gets you out of bed one morning to start down the path that’s the rest of your life. Only you will know when you are ready.

Entrepreneurs don’t give up. They keep trying until they find the right businesses for themselves, they learn as they go, change their minds often, but eventually find what’s right for them.

Being unique and creative is the key to success these days. By following other people’s systems all you become is another cog in a wheel, churning along at a predictable pace. You have to learn from others, it’s a fact, be they guru or college professor, it’s how you adapt and use the knowledge that you find that makes you unique and able to start a business that is different and successful. In internet marketing it may appear that everything has been tried, which is right to a certain extent, it’s up to you to put your own personal twist on how everyone else has been doing it, so that you can stand out from the crowd and get ahead of the others.

I have tried at least a dozen systems online for making money, and after a certain amount of time I would give up and move on to the next. I was naïve in thinking that if I followed certain systems exactly, I could make it. One day I looked at all the courses I had printed out sitting in my bottom drawer, and I asked myself why I still wasn’t successful. Then I realized I had all the knowledge I needed between my own ears and sitting in that drawer. All I needed was to take all the best pieces of each course and put them together to make something unique. I started only a couple of weeks ago and I have already started to make some money. I am not following any particular system, I have made my own that works for me. Everything I needed I already had, I just needed to piece it all together like a giant jigsaw puzzle!

There’s an old saying “where there’s a will there’s a way”, and if you have the will to succeed you will learn from your mistakes, learn from other people and put your own spin on things.

Like General George Patton said: “Success is how high you bounce when you hit the bottom.”

Did you find it easy starting out in internet marketing? Did you find instant success, are you still struggling or are you happy where you are?

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2 Responses to You are the Key to Success

  1. Hi Gabriele,

    I can relate to a lot of things you’ve mentioned on this post; especially the part you said “by following other people’s systems, you become another cog in the wheel”. I have made mistakes as well, and I have learnt from them. I decided to create my own system, to teach others what this industry is all about through my materials. Yes, you’re right when you say we can put a twist to what’s been there already, and make it our own. Thanks for sharing, all the best.

  2. karen comer says:

    I have days when I just want to quit! It can be very hard to concentrate some days too, what with all the articles we have to write, back links to build, emails and comments to answer. It’s always tempting to try just one more guru idea, but very often I find that if you subscribe to a lot of the good ones, they will drop enough hints that you eventually don’t need to buy yet another (often useless) course.

    To answer your question, yes I am still struggling, but I have definite (and realistic) goals in mind, and every day’s work moves me towards those goals.

    Baby steps, baby steps …

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