Working Smart Not Hard


Depending on how well you’ve looked into internet or affiliate marketing online you may think it looks and sounds ridiculously easy or incredibly difficult.

Many people are held back from starting an affiliate site because they think they’ve missed the boat. Yes the internet is crowded but new products come out all the time and many millions of websites are either neglected or ineffective, meaning there’s plenty of room for you. You can make money from affiliate marketing, lead a very nice lifestyle, work from home but only if you can organize your time efficiently and work smart.

Look at the internet as the world’s largest shopping mall – it is incredibly competitive. At the end of the year the media will throw out numbers about how many billions of dollars were spent online, you can guarantee it will be much more than last year. An ever-increasing number of consumers are turning to the internet for their purchases because of the convenience, extensive information provided and competitive pricing.

So what are the basics of running a successful affiliate website – or even a number of sites?

  • Build a user-friendly site
  • Choose an evergreen affiliate product that pays a good commission and sells well
  • Write keyword-rich articles to attract visitors and search engines
  • Market your product to people who’ll want to buy it
  • Reap the rewards

This is a pretty simplistic overview, but those are the basics. Of course each of these points contains dozens of aspects that you’ll have to deal with. You can get totally bogged down in all the details, but there’s no need to be. Many people I know have two or three websites and work far too long and hard in return for what they make.


The most important part of any website is content. Keep producing well-written, informative and helpful articles that people will want to read, containing the best keywords and you’ll attract visitors and the search engines as well.


As soon as you start making money reinvest. If you hate writing articles and it takes you hours, outsource that work – it’s far more efficient. If you hate building backlinks, you can hire somebody to do that for you too, just make sure they are trustworthy and obtain backlinks from relevant sites. In fact you can hire people cheaply online to do just about anything!

As you become more familiar with the system of building a successful website you should also invest in tools that will do things far more efficiently and effectively then you can. There are a number of keyword research tools you can invest in, but in the beginning Google’s keyword tool will be sufficient.

If you want to build a list, one of the first tools you should invest in is an autoresponder service. When your website is getting thousands of visitors a week an autoresponder will work hard for you 24/7, increasing sales and reducing your work dramatically.

Stay Focused

You’re going to be looking around for help in many areas especially marketing. Stay away from the temptation to purchase software and tools from people who don’t have a solid reputation. Many of these so-called “secrets” and “solutions” to successful internet marketing are nothing more than recycled information expertly marketed in pretty packages; most of that information can be obtained online for free. Save your money.

You are not going to become a millionaire in a month. You can’t buy any product that will get you the number one position in Google in just a couple of days, especially if you have a brand-new website with only two pages!

Keep writing and producing content, find the best places where you can market your product to people who will be interested in it, and stick with it – it all takes time.

Choosing a Niche

If you’ve never done any affiliate marketing online before, it’s a good advice to stick to something that you know about or a product that you use regularly and love. It makes it far easier to write about it. Don’t choose an affiliate product that everyone is promoting, it will be impossible to dominate that niche.

Do extensive research before even thinking about buying a domain name because your domain name should contain your most important keyword(s).

Getting Traffic

As a rule of thumb conversion rates online are about 1%. That means for every 100 unique visitors your site gets one will make a purchase. So understand how important it is to generate lots of traffic to your site before you can start making substantial amounts of money.

By the use of keywords you attract the search engines which will bring you free or “organic” traffic. Anything you can do for free during the first few months of building your business will be to your benefit. You can also get free traffic by blog commenting, article marketing and participating on social media sites including YouTube.

Don’t even think about paying for advertising, especially pay-per-click (PPC) until you’re confident your site has enough quality content and the means to convert those additional visitors into sales.

Getting Organized

If this is your first online venture explain to your family exactly what you’re doing and why – the money you make will benefit them. Dedicate specific times to work and tell your family that you must not be disturbed. Turn off your phone and never turn on the television. Concentrate. Don’t check your e-mail every 10 minutes or get involved with your buddies on Facebook.

Always keep an eye on your stats – how many visitors you’re getting every day and where they’re coming from. Concentrate your efforts on your best sources of traffic whether it’s from a social media site or organic traffic from search engines.

Stay Healthy

Sitting in front of a computer for long hours can be draining and extremely bad for your health. If you work from home lay off the fattening snacks! Set yourself break times. If you have a dog take him for a walk – just get away from the computer. If you have a favorite TV show you like to watch during the daytime, make that your lunch break. When it’s over it’s time to go back to work.

Get up and move around and get some fresh air. Don’t order in pizza every day. If your body gets fat and lazy so will your mind.


Look around online and find a well-respected successful affiliate or internet marketer’s site and sign up for emails, or grab the RSS feed. There’s a lot of extremely good and helpful information on every aspect of this business out there and there are a lot of sharks, so beware. If you sign up with someone who sends you an e-mail daily that wants to sell you something, find somebody else to follow. You don’t need most of the stuff they’re trying to sell, they are affiliates for those products and that’s how they make their money.

If you can build your first website by using these simple principles, then you’re going to want to build even more websites. By that time you will have found good people to outsource all the work you don’t want to do. Don’t  spend an hour writing an article when it only costs a few dollars to get one written for you, your time is worth more than that.

When you have half a dozen successful websites going all at once you’re certainly going to need to work smarter and not harder.

Good luck!

Did you find that building your first successful website was overwhelming? How did you manage to get organized and increase your efficiency?

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