Work from Home Opportunities

Thousands of people are looking to make additional income and the internet is often the first place to look for jobs. There are many companies who know people are desperate, so be aware of scams. If they ask for a fee upfront then it’s probably a scam.

Don’t send anybody money online for information about jobs, once they have your credit card number there’s no telling what they’ll do with it.

If you find a company that’s advertising for workers do your due diligence. Check the company thoroughly and do a search for anything negative.

Working from home part- or full-time will need discipline and organizational skills. You should treat your online job just as you would any job. Set the hours and days you’re going to work and stick to them. Give yourself regular breaks and make yourself a comfortable workspace without any distractions.

Whatever you choose make sure your equipment is up to par. You will need a high-speed internet connection and an up-to-date computer. The more efficient you are, the more money you’ll make.

Seven Ways to Make Money Online:

Freelance Writing

Writing content for other people’s websites is a popular way of making money online. You have to be able to deliver quality content, and you may have to understand SEO for some of your clients.

There are a number of excellent online agencies that you can sign up with. Many use a bidding system. The client will ask for a quote for a number of articles and you place a bid. Don’t be tempted to quote a very low price or you’ll find yourself writing for less than minimum hourly wage. If you know you’re a good writer clients who want the best will consider you. The problem is when you’re starting out you’ll have no feedback, but the key is to be consistent and bid on as many jobs as you can every day.

Many of these agencies offer work for graphic designers, coders and dozens of other internet related jobs too.

There are sites that will test you on your writing skills, then once they’ve assessed your abilities you can choose which articles you want to write.

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is someone who undertakes different tasks for an employer and often these employers are successful internet or affiliate marketers. You may be asked to write articles, post articles, perform blog commenting, submit articles to article directories, write a series of autoresponder messages or work on the person’s website. Make sure you have the skills to do whatever is requested. You may be paid a weekly figure to do this or paid an hourly rate.

Customer Service

Many companies have realized the advantages of hiring customer service personnel who work from their own homes – it saves the company a lot of money. Many at home customer service workers are hired in the months before Christmas and the work is temporary to permanent. Some require you use a specific headset which you will have to buy from them but legitimate companies will offer comprehensive training. You will be required to work specific hours and they’ll pay an hourly rate, possibly with bonuses.

You may deal with specific aspects of customer service such as accounts, or you could be answering general questions. The company may require you own a machine that sends faxes and you may have to communicate via e-mail so your writing skills will have to be good.

Data Entry

These jobs will require good typing speeds and the ability to do fast numeric entry. They will expect a minimum amount of keystrokes to be completed in a set amount of time. These jobs are not so common these days

Survey Taking

Some companies will pay you for taking surveys. They will want to know all about you first to make sure you qualify. The pay can be anything from $.50 up to $15 per survey.

This area is one of the most open to scams so beware.

Mystery Shopper

Mystery shoppers spend their days visiting retail businesses and reporting on aspects of their shopping experience. They may be required to make purchases for which they’ll be compensated. Again, you can see how this may be open to abuse – you certainly want to be compensated for buying things you don’t need and earn enough to compensate for travel expenses.

Affiliate & Internet Marketing

Affiliate and Internet marketing are not really jobs per se and if you decided to pursue either of these avenues you would be starting your own business. There’s lots of money to be made online if you do it right and there’s plenty of information on this site for helping you explore these avenues.

It takes very little capital to get started but it may take months of hard work before you see a return, time is going to be your biggest investment.

Joining a legitimate agency that offers work is going to be your safest bet. It may take some time before you can build a good reputation and get positive feedback but there is very little risk attached. Any down time you have you could stay busy by building an affiliate marketing site for yourself, it’s always good to diversify.

Are there any other common online jobs we may have omitted here, please leave us a comment if you found another good way of making money online.

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