Why Niche Marketing Can Be So Profitable

Why Niche Marketing Can Be So Profitable

Why you need a Niche

According to Forbes Global Business & Finance “…on the internet, small niche companies can reach mass markets in a heartbeat.” That should give you a clue as to why you should find your own niche and earn a very nice income online.

A niche is simply a tiny fraction or subset of a larger market. Instead of building a site about dogs, you could just market to Labrador lovers. That would be a niche. Instead of trying to attract everyone in a large, high competition topic such as keeping fit you could concentrate on one specific area such as:

  • Keeping fit for seniors
  • Staying fit during pregnancy
  • Staying fit after pregnancy and losing excess pounds
  • How to make sure your children stay fit

Keeping fit is in itself an entire market, while any of the above would be considered a niche. It is certainly easier than being all things to all people, and when it comes to targeting a specific market you can be much more focused. In each of these examples there would be a different selection of affiliate products you could offer.

Choosing the Right Niche

There is usually some way you can earn money from a niche. But in some instances the niche you really want to concentrate on simply isn’t profitable. Embroidery is a good example. Few people are interested in it these days and the main tools and supplies needed to do embroidery don’t cost much at all, so there would be very little profit from affiliate sales.

We’re not saying you shouldn’t try to make money with a niche you’re passionate about. Far from it. Enthusiasm for your niche subject is an essential ingredient for growing a successful site but what you have to do is research to make sure you can make some money doing it. You’re going to spend many hours working on your site, evaluate if it’s going to be worth it before you start.

Many people work niches backwards. They find a product that they neither own nor know anything about and then build a site around it, just because the company pays a handsome commission rate.

For professional internet marketers that method is pretty easy. They often build sites for expensive digital products, software and courses that can pay up to 80% commission. They can afford to hire other people to do all the grunt work like writing articles and building backlinks, but what often results is an inconsistent site that doesn’t have a personality.

You do have the advantage if you own a product or are building a business around a hobby you love. You know all the ins and outs and will find endless ideas for things to write about and make videos about, plus everything you do will be touched with your personality.

Google no longer likes what are known as “thin” sites – those that are built around one product and have very little merit where it comes to providing help and information to visitors.

Google does like larger websites. Ones that are built with passion, specifically designed to attract people who are interested in the subject. They have articles and information added to them daily and a lively community of people leaving comments. If you can cultivate a following within social media as well, then you’ll have a recipe for a very successful business.


Thorough keyword research is essential whatever niche you choose. Make sure that enough people are interested in the niche and there are products to match. If you know those products, that’s even better. A good keyword research tool is essential, plus you’ll have to scour the internet for companies that have relevant products that you can sell as an affiliate and make a decent commission on each sale.

Even in the embroidery niche you could become an Amazon affiliate and sell books and supplies, but unfortunately those commission rates are very low – tiny because the cost of the goods, like embroidery silks and needles, is so little.

You’re never confined to working with one affiliate company if you have your own website. There are hundreds of reputable companies offering affiliate programs, just check them out thoroughly before you join and be certain that the products are what your target audience will want to buy.

Build Around those Keywords

Keywords are used by people searching on the internet and by the search engines so they can understand what your page is about. By using keywords that have low competition but a healthy number of searches each month, your page will be destined to land at the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs).

By setting up Google alerts for anything to do with your niche, you can stay on top of important news and also see what other sites are writing about. Do more keyword research and write articles that keep your site up-to-the-minute and on top of the SERPs. You’ll be sure to do well, especially if you’re enthusiastic about your niche.

A niche site is a long-term commitment. You probably won’t start making money immediately, but keep at it and your little niche site could be the one that everyone visits for relevant information and you’ll reap the rewards eventually.

Do you own a niche site? Do you have any other tips you could share when it comes to choosing a profitable niche and getting a healthy following? We would love to hear from you.

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