Why Guest Posting Make Sense

Why Guest Posting Make Sense

Why Outsourcing Makes Sense

The majority of people who own blogs are not writers per se, although they understand that writing and producing good quality content on a regular basis is essential to success. Many bloggers will outsource their work which is fine if you can find someone who writes in a style that you like and delivers work in a timely fashion. This doesn’t have to cost much money every week, you can find online agencies that provide writers or go to sites like the Warrior Forum or Fiverr.com where you will find people who’ll write articles for as little as one cent per word. If it takes you an hour to write a 500-word article it only makes sense to hire someone else to do it for $5 as this frees up your time to do other more important tasks.

Building a good relationship with a writer is important. If they’re going to write all of the content for your website it means that the “voice” of your site is not your own. It’s probably not a very good idea to bounce around from writer to writer and unfortunately that’s what you get with some online agencies. They will post your work and a different person may write your article every time, which doesn’t make for consistent reading.

Guest Blogging

Another way to get content for your site is by using guest bloggers and this will cost you nothing. Most people who write guest blogs have sites of their own and the main reason they write for other people’s blogs is so they can get traffic to their own sites via a link. I like to think of backlinks as being the scaffolding that holds up the internet. Google uses them to rank sites and to build traffic you need lots of backlinks from a diverse number of relevant sites.

So guest blogging is a reciprocal situation. The blog owner gets free content and the guest writer benefits from that blog’s traffic, which, if the article is well read should attract hundreds of new visitors to his site.

If you hate writing but would like to increase traffic to your own site you could always ask your own writer to do an article that you can post on someone else’s site. If you’re one of the lucky people who love to write then go ahead and contact other blog owners to see if you can guest post for them. Many will state quite openly that they accept guest posts, or you can often tell because the guest writer’s name will be on an article and a link will be at the bottom.

Of course whether you write a guest post for someone else or you allow someone to write a guest post for you, you want to ensure that it is high-quality and something your readers will appreciate. Very often we get stuck in a rut as bloggers, especially if a niche is somewhat limited. Another advantage of asking someone to guest post is that they may write about something that will bring a completely fresh perspective to your subject.

 Guest Posting bring Backlinks

One way of finding someone to guest post for your blog is simply to ask. You can do this by stating quite clearly that you accept guest posts. If you have a regular readership who leave well written and intelligent comments on your posts you could always contact one of them to see if they would like to write an article for you.

Don’t waste your time by writing an article and hoping that the blog owner will use it. If he encourages guest posts he will probably either ask you to write on a certain topic or you could contact him to say you would like to write an article on a certain subject, subject to his approval. It may take only a day before your guest post appears, but with certain very popular sites it can take a month or so for your article to appear.

Aim high if you do decide to guest post on another site. The reason you’re doing this is to get a good quality backlink – and much more importantly lots of traffic. It’s better to wait for a couple of weeks before your guest post is used on a site that gets huge amounts of traffic, than have it used the next day on a site that only gets a handful of visitors.

You’ve invested your time in research and writing the article (or you’ve paid to have it outsourced). That article has value so you want a return on that investment in the form of qualified traffic who will potentially subscribe to your site and possibly purchase something directly or through an affiliate link. Encourage your new visitors to share your own blog’s content by having prominent social networking buttons and have a clearly visible opt in box.

Keep track of where you’ve left your guest posts and keep an eye on the comments. These comments can often give ideas for writing additional posts. Only post on sites that are similar and have relevant content to your own and try to write for us many high-traffic sites as you can regularly. The rewards for guest posting on a regular basis can be enormous.

Have you tried guest posting and were you pleased with the results?


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