What’s Next After Learning What Attraction Marketing Is

What many people fail to understand is that sales are sales whether online or off. Attraction marketing is a term that has been invented, I guess, to make those who want to start an online business, such as affiliate marketing to understand that the principles are pretty much the same. Anyone that has been successful in sales offline will find the transition to online marketing so much easier than those who have never sold anything in their lives.

It’s easy to take any of the guru courses about online marketing, get all fired up, try something for a few days and then give up. If you are a serial buyer of so-called guru courses like I was for a time, only after I had tried and quickly failed using half a dozen of them did I realize the answer. It was all down to me to implement everything I had learned from all of these courses; take the very best parts from each and roll them into a system I could call my own, and get on with it.

Okay, I had been in retail, but it wasn’t something I enjoyed. The only real part of it that I did enjoy was making a sale and getting the commission, dealing with the general public gave me the ache. Online marketing is ideal for me. I know the rudiments of selling, the psychology behind it and why people buy. Online shopping for the most part is even more confusing for the consumer, although they can educate themselves thoroughly about the products they are interested in, they are also confronted with thousands of sites trying to sell them the exact same product. The trick is to get them to buy from you.

The right way to go about attraction marketing is by making yourself stand out from the crowd. You may think that’s difficult, but consider why you bought that last guru product – after all, there are thousands of them available and many are very similar. You may have bought it because the seller looked trustworthy, he included valuable and helpful information before you bought, he has a good reputation in the IM business and somehow he convinced you his product would be valuable to you. Let’s assume you are nodding your head to this.

Now, when you signed up for this guru product didn’t you get bombarded with emails afterwards? If you didn’t buy immediately, were you hooked in anyway with a box that gave you (and only you of course!) that valuable $10 off for today only? You bought right?

These are the same principles you should apply yourself when selling online. You must build a reputation by branding yourself (usually your face) and become well-known for whatever you are doing or promoting. The psychology of selling is still the same as at a flea market – you walk away and the vendor shouts a lower price to you and you buy. If he is nice to you as well, and is a regular vendor at the market you will probably go back later to see what other good deals he can offer you. No different online at all.

It all has to start out with you taking the initial steps. If these are your first attempts at internet marketing, don’t be shy, just get on with it, you have a lot of work to do. Start out promoting something you know a lot about and love first. You will have to write many articles and blog posts about it and perhaps start a Facebook Group and encourage others to join, but what you are doing primarily is promoting you, the product is secondary for the time being. You must keep people engaged and interested and coming back because they like you, they perceive you as being an expert, they trust you and they are probably looking for a deal, or something free at least.

It isn’t easy at first, it’s a lonely life staying home and writing articles and sending emails and building websites, but when you start getting responses and get those first few sales it’s amazing how much more enthusiastic you will be. The more you put into any kind of online marketing, the more you will eventually get out of it. It’s like throwing a small snowball downhill, as long as it can keep going and adding to itself it will get bigger.

Keep educating yourself about where to find more traffic, keep building backlinks, keep an eye on every tactic you try, and stick with the things that get you results. It only takes ten people to tell 10 of their friends that you are the go to person on your particular subject, and you will soon be reaping the rewards.

Do you have any further suggestions to make to people who want to get started in internet marketing? How did you start out? We would love to hear from you.

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