What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the most commonly used source of advertising on the internet. Unless you intend to promote your own product or service, affiliate marketing is the best possible way of earning income on the internet.

Many people have already discovered that affiliate marketing is a great way to supplement, or even replace a full-time income, but what is affiliate marketing?

Let’s compare it to, say, a popular drink manufacturer. The company employs salespeople who go out and promote that product, in turn wholesaling it to small retail outlets and supermarkets. The company provides all the advertising and promotional materials, and in turn, the business owner receives a commission/profit when that product sells. Your website is just like that shop or supermarket. Think of yourself as a retailer earning that commission.

The greatest advantage with internet affiliate marketing is that you never have to handle that product, and thousands of products can be delivered digitally, as is the case with informational products and software.

The merchant in turn benefits from increased sales, minimal investment and very inexpensive advertising.

If you do not have a product of your own to sell, this is the best way to start your own business.  It falls to you, as that salesperson, to promote your own website and attract traffic to your business. To get started, in the affiliate marketing, it is as simple as cutting and pasting a banner or text link on a page to lead your visitor through to the company’s website.  (You can see how it is done on my ‘Resources’ page; any external links are written and underlined in blue.)

Commissions do vary significantly; some affiliate programs can pay a measly 1.5%. It would take an enormous amount of sales to produce worthwhile income, unless of course the item you want to promote sells for over $1,000, and you can sell hundreds easily every month! On the other hand, digital products, such as software and eBooks often pay in excess of 70% commissions.

Clickbank® offers thousands of such digital products, and offer detailed statistics on each item. By using their useful tools, you can check the ‘Gravity’ of a product, which simply means how many times that product has sold in the prior week.  The higher the gravity, the more likely you are to be able to sell that product.

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