Ways to Win Top Search Engine Ranking

Everything we do when we build a website on any subject should be done to please both visitors and search engines. Google wants the same thing as visitors do – answers to people’s questions, advice and help in the form of high quality original content. This is the most important part of building a website, coupled with the need for your content to be well-optimized so the search engines can first find your keywords and consequently your content. If you think you can throw up a three-page website about diamond rings and start raking in huge affiliate commissions you are sorely mistaken.

When anyone searches on Google for a specific topic the search engine returns pages of matching results. The aim of any website owner is to be on that first page of results, preferably in the top three. If your company makes a specific product then extensive keyword research is essential, you will have to find unique words and phrases that folks search for pertaining to that product, and then build pages around those keywords.

It’s pretty much the same with niche and affiliate marketing, keyword research is still essential, but you can be a lot more flexible in what you choose. Where many internet marketers go wrong in the beginning is:

They choose the wrong niche

There are many opinions about choosing niches. Some may say a niche will be good if its keyword produces 60,000 searches a month, or 30,000 – there are a wide range of opinions. The key is to find a niche in which you are confident you can beat the competition, and that takes research.

They choose a niche they are not really interested in

With any niche website you will have to write, write, write or outsource your writing if you can afford to. You will have to participate in blogs and forums within your niche subject, write quality articles regularly, compose emails and newsletters if that’s part of your strategy, and write articles for article directories.

If you don’t like what you are writing about, or know little about the subject, you will get bored with it and fail. All of these methods get backlinks and backlinks bring visitors and the more visitors you get the higher your website or blog will rank.

They don’t put in the work

It takes work and dedication to build a successful website, and if you are not prepared to do what is mentioned above, you won’t get anywhere. Over 93% of internet marketers fail to make a decent living simply because they don’t do the work and choosing the wrong niche probably comes second.

SEO (search engine optimization) is crucial to any website. Your keywords should be used in the first and last sentences and spread throughout your article at a rate of about 3%. Your main keyword should also be in your domain name and headers, titles and tags. That way when Google’s spiders crawl your site they can understand what it is about. If you could highlight your keywords within an article they should form an hourglass shape, as a rough idea.

Backlinks are devilish things. They are votes of confidence from other people and sites. You can get backlinks by writing for popular article directories, commenting on dofollow forums and blogs and within social media sites. Each of these methods provides backlinks and a way for folks who read your articles and useful blog comments to click through to your site. Backlinks = visitors = increased traffic = sales. It’s that simple. Never buy backlinks, and aim to get backlinks from highly rated sites, these are sites with a PR ranking of 1 and above, the higher that number is, the more credence Google will give your site.

Make sure your site is indexed by all the major search engines. If they don’t know you are there it may take weeks before they find you, the faster they know you are there the better, and if you keep adding quality articles and getting more and more backlinks, the more often the spiders will come back to re-index your site, hopefully moving it up in the rankings.

The more engaging, interesting and useful your website is, the longer visitors will stay on your pages. By adding video or audio clips, along with high quality, well-written content your visitors should stay longer than on a boring, ineffective site, and Google adds points for that. This is measured as “bounce rate”. If your page’s bounce rates are fractions of a second, then you need to do something to improve those pages.

Google provides a wealth of information about what it wants from you in its easy to understand Google Webmaster Guidelines. There are many more tips beyond the ones I have mentioned above, but those are the most important methods that you should follow.

Have you found any good ways to increase your traffic that we have not mentioned here and that’s legal! Please leave your comments and help someone else become successful.

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