Using Call to Action Phrases

There’s a lot of psychology behind selling, and on the internet the most successful affiliate marketers understand how to construct articles and e-mails that lead a reader naturally down the page to what is known as a “Call to Action” phrase. People need to be gently pushed into doing things; if you want them to click on a link you have to say something like “click here to find out more…” It seems very simple but many people do not include calls to action and consequently lose potential sales.

The internet is like an enormous shopping mall and you should always bear this in mind – the competition for anything online is fierce. You have to make your site and your product stand out above everyone else’s, and by using effective marketing you should aim to be at the top of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS). Once you get traffic to your site, even if you are number one in the Google results the object is to convert visitors into sales. Including effective calls to action on your site is essential for getting high conversions.

Calls to action should entice a reader into clicking on any of your affiliate banners or links. They should be attention grabbing and work most effectively within well-written articles designed to help your reader answer her question or problem.

Calls to Action within Articles and e-mails

You must craft your e-mails and articles in such a way that your reader becomes excited. You have to entice that potential customer into taking the required action. This required action could be having a reader click-through to another page or join up to get further information, download a free e-book, or click on a product link or banner. Crafting articles can be quite difficult at first because you don’t want to appear overly pushy and neither do you want your calls to action to be so weak the reader does nothing. You may have to experiment at first, keeping an eye on which pages, articles or e-mails convert the best. Once you have the right format then you should keep using it.

Most calls to action are very short, normally two- or three-word phrases such as:

  • Register now
  • Sign up here
  • Click here
  • Join up now
  • Request a quote
  • Free download
  • Money back guarantee
  • Call today
  • Buy Now and get Free Shipping

Creating effective calls to action can increase your sales but overuse of calls to action can also turn off potential customers. Spend some time looking at your successful competitors’ sites and see how they use calls to action within their articles and e-mails.

Put yourself in a visitor’s shoes and ask yourself if you landed on your own website for the first time would you be enticed into clicking on a link or following a specific call to action?

Constructing articles and e-mails is an art, not only do your articles have to be interesting, informative and well-written to benefit your readers but they must also include these calls to action to benefit you by making commissions – after all, that’s why you’re doing this!

Did you struggle at first when you tried to include calls to action in your articles and e-mails? Do you have any tips for newbies to better understand how important these are?

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