Using Autoresponders Successfully

Once you start building traffic to your website one of the most difficult tasks is converting your qualified visitors into paying customers. We see the formula traffic=money, but it really isn’t that simple. Traffic only equals money if you can get good conversions.

A great way of keeping your traffic engaged and interested is by using a much over-looked little tool – the autoresponder.

Autoresponders can be a Powerful Marketing Tool

Most visitors to websites leave without ever buying anything. It’s a hard fact. Only a small percentage of visitors will become buyers. Anyone serious about making money on the internet today would be foolish not to have an opt-in box and capture his visitors’ email addresses and other useful information. But an email list should not be a stagnant thing, by use of email campaigns and autoresponders, a visitor’s attention can be cultivated and a relationship built, possibly converting him to a buyer in the future. It is not difficult do this.

A great way of getting people to opt-in is by offering something for free relevant to your product, such as an ebook or video. It shouldn’t end there, on a regular basis emails should be sent to your subscriber, reminding him you are there and that you have what he wants.  Research shows it takes on average seven emails before someone will buy! So your autoresponders should be set up in a way that your prospect is gently reminded that you are still there, and by offering him information of value every time you use an autoresponder. He will be more likely to come to you when ready to purchase.

All your autoresponders can be written and loaded ahead of time and scheduled to go out at regular intervals.

Use Autoresponders for follow-up marketing

Make your message valuable to your prospect. Offer tips, product-related news and useful information about your product. When someone has purchased, move his name into another list and make sure you thank him for his purchase! You can then send him special reports on the product he purchased and offer additional products that he might need.  Send out a short survey and see how satisfied he is with what he bought, and capture any favorable comments for testimonials you can use on your site.

People love e-courses!

These can be easily set up delivered at regular intervals by autoresponder. Whether you sell an e-course or it’s free, an eight-week course can be delivered hands-free every week.

Educated customers are warm customers

People very often get frustrated because they don’t understand things. They are not going to buy something they don’t understand and if its software or anything technical, a series of lessons can be sent to help educate them. These again can be left to run on autopilot by your autoresponder service. An autoresponse system, when set up correctly, will save you many hours of work.

Impulse buyers are great, but the rate of returns from impulse buyers is high, so better to have an informed and educated buyer and a zero rate of return.

Gabriele Cramer-Knebel
Internet Marketing Training

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