Traffic – the Lifeblood of a Website

You can have the most visually stunning website, packed full with useful information but without a healthy supply of visitors you will never make a dime. Despite what many people may tell you, you can’t just build a website and sit back and relax. If you aim to make money from any kind of affiliate marketing, network marketing or Adsense revenue, you must drive traffic. Traffic = Money, plain and simple. If you build websites for fun or profit, the more traffic your site gets the more valuable your internet real estate becomes.

The good news is that all it takes is some time and effort to drive traffic to your website, and the first thing you are looking for is called “organic” traffic which is brought via search engines when they find your keywords. This costs nothing but the time you put in to choosing effective keywords and using them properly throughout the articles you write, in headers, meta tags and throughout the article, including the first and last sentences, and in links. If you build a website using WordPress, make sure your pages and posts have the keyword in the domain’s page extension.

The next area to look at is blog and forum commenting. You can pick up backlinks and traffic by becoming a regular on blogs and forums that are relevant to the subject you are writing about. You should seek out blogs with DoFollow links which give you some Google link juice and will also encourage readers to click through to your site after reading your useful comments. Don’t just leave silly comments on blogs and forums, they will probably get deleted and do you no good at all. If you use the Akismet plugin on your WordPress site, you will see some of the useless comments that people leave, Akismet automatically spam cans them and rightly so!

The latest rage is to engage in social media marketing. With Facebook you can build a special page for your business and then market that, eventually pulling your fans through to your website. You can participate in Facebook Groups that have a similar theme to your website too. It all takes time. Setting your site up so that you are hooked in with Twitter also works for some website owners.

YouTube can bring thousands of potential customers if you can make your own videos. The visitor will watch your video and hopefully go through to your site from there. Posting videos on your site is also a very good idea, it keeps people on your web pages longer, and Google sees that as a good thing.

Article marketing is apparently waning after the Google Panda/Farmer slap in February 2011 but it is still a good way to get links and therefore traffic. You can post an article that you have written onto various article marketing sites, and once it has been indexed, it is a quick way of recycling your articles, without fear of getting accused of using duplicate content. If you posted the article on your site first, it doesn’t matter. You can use an article marketing directory to quickly do that for you and save some time.

Try to build at least 10 backlinks a day from these methods and you should see your website traffic increase steadily. Once you get your first commissions under your belt, things will start looking a little different and I guarantee your enthusiasm will increase!

Don’t forget to put a link to your website in your outgoing emails and put your website address on any marketing materials and business cards you may use if you have a bricks and mortar business. Only after you have increased your traffic to a satisfactory level should you consider paying for traffic in the form of ad campaigns. If you follow the above tips and work hard, you may never have to pay for advertising at all.

Have you any tips for increasing traffic to your website? There are many ways, what have you found to be the most effective?

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