‘Tis the Season to Prepare for Christmas Sales

It’s the beginning of October and thankfully it has brought some cooler weather along. Six months of humidity and scorching heat is over, and I see many of my neighbors hanging their ghoulish Halloween decorations in their yards.

If you’re an internet marketer it’s too late to capture that enormous market, but it is time you should be ramping up for Christmas. If you’re lucky and you’re an affiliate marketer with established websites you may be able to change the look of your site when it gets nearer to the holiday season. WordPress is so flexible I’m sure there’s a Christmassy theme or two available somewhere!

If you’re thinking about cashing in on the Christmas madness by setting up some new WordPress sites and offering affiliate goods for sale, the hard part is going to be predicting what will be the most popular gifts and kids toys that will sell this year. It’s a shame that crystal balls never seem to work, but if you spend enough time doing research on places like Amazon.com and even looking at magazines in the grocery store you may be able to get a clue as to what people will be buying.

Then the trick is to optimize anything you write to make sure your blog posts and content articles are picked up by the search engines. The key is to find something that nobody else has picked up on yet. Something with a weird name, perhaps a toy so you could buy a domain name that includes the name, but only if your affiliate agreement allows it.

Some companies expressly forbid use of their trade names, or brand names in the URLs of affiliate websites. Do check first or you could have a disaster on your hands. The company will probably contact you via e-mail and tell you to cease and desist and if you don’t, you’ll hear from their lawyers!

I know internet marketers who’ve already done their research and have compiled at least 10 articles pertaining to the Christmas gifts they’re hoping will be the most popular this year. It’s going to be a tough one especially with the economy being so bad, but you know sales online this Christmas are definitely going to be more than last year – and that’s billions of dollars, some of which could end up in your Christmas stocking.

You really do have to do your homework; otherwise you’ll find yourself doing an awful lot of work with no return. Google’s keyword tool isn’t going to help too much either because people are not yet searching for that specific item just yet.

If only somebody could tell me how to predict what people will buy this holiday season!

One of the most difficult things is writing about things you don’t own, and perhaps items you can’t even purchase yet. The worst thing is to write a review about something you know nothing about because somebody who does is going to poke holes in it. One article on Sing and Snore Ernie would drive me insane and writing nine more would probably kill me. If you find what you think is going to be a hot ticket this Christmas it may be a good idea to outsource the article writing, and it makes even more sense if you’re going to build half a dozen blogs, that’s a lot of articles – very difficult articles – to write!

If you can’t get your blogs up and running and indexed by the major search engines within the next few weeks, then you’re not going to make it.

Do you build blogs or websites aimed specifically at the Christmas market? When do you have yours live, and how do you deal with writing those difficult but well optimized articles? (We know you won’t tell us where you get your intelligence of the year’s top-selling gifts!)

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