Tips for Making Better Affiliate Commissions

Affiliate marketing on the face of it looks so easy; you come across websites all the time where the owner is an affiliate marketer and making beaucoup bucks. You’ve followed all the instructions, purchased helpful tools, and you do everything you should be doing but still you’re not making a dime!

If you haven’t got a blog or a website then it goes without saying you have nowhere to post articles other than article directories and places like Squidoo. I’m not saying that people can’t do well by not having a website but it seems silly not to have one they are so cheap and easy to set up. Your own site is a better place to connect with people and show your personality. When you own your own domain, unlike sites such as Squidoo, your business is not in danger of disappearing overnight for some crazy reason.

On your site you can offer items for free. Free is a very attractive word, but of course anything that is free comes with strings attached. By downloading an e-book from your website for example a visitor leaves something of value – their name and e-mail address. Once you have this you can start to market products to the subscriber from which you can earn commissions. By offering good quality, useful freebies to people, it builds their confidence in you and your products. People are searching all the time for answers to questions and solutions to problems, and by writing a short e-book about your product you can tell subscribers how it will benefit them and make their lives easier.

Once you’ve built your e-mail list, don’t be tempted to send out every e-mail shouting about products from which you’ll earn a commission. People find them too salesy and pushy and will probably unsubscribe. The best approach is to offer a product only every four or five e-mails, your other e-mails should be newsy, short and helpful.

Know everything there is to know about the product you’re promoting. If it’s a digital product such as a course, own it first so you can answer questions and be knowledgeable about what the course contains. Too many affiliate marketers promote things they know nothing about and it becomes only too obvious when they run out of things to say, or they can’t answer questions. That’s a sure way to kill a business.

You can build a site and offer a number of different affiliate products within one niche. This will help you vary the content you write. If you have a site about dog training you can always offer items for keeping a dog healthy and other related products. By doing that you increase your chances of gaining organic searches for each of the keyword rich articles you write and even better, people will regard you as an expert on dogs in general. That builds trust.

Participate on blogs and forums related to your particular niche. This has two advantages. Number one – if you’re allowed to leave a link to your site in the bio box, you will gain a valuable backlink, and number two, by participating regularly people will see you know what you’re talking about. There’s also another possible advantage – the blog owner may invite you to write a guest post which will bring you more visibility, credibility and visitors through the link to your site.

Take these few steps and your affiliate marketing should proceed without any problems. Establishing yourself – known as self-branding – as an expert online means you can build trusting relationships. People are far more likely to buy from those they trust.

Do you have any other affiliate marketing tips to add?

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