Tips for Creating your Own Successful Products

Tips for Creating your Own Successful Products

If you love working from home but you’ve had no success this year with network or affiliate marketing, then it may be time to look for another area where you could make money online.

Marketing is often the difficult part for most people or they’ve chosen the wrong products to promote, but they’re now so hooked on working online they don’t want to do anything else.

If you enjoy writing there are endless opportunities to make money by creating your own products.

Take a quick look at some of the products on for example, they are the largest retailer of digital products on the internet today. You can find everything from complete courses about network marketing to smaller eBooks that offer solutions to many different problems.

Here are a number of tips if you want to explore this avenue which are also an insight into how top publishers have created successful businesses.


It’s no good trying to create a product that you know nothing about. You should write about things that you know inside out. This could come from a personal experience overcoming a particular problem, physical, mental or to do with another member of your family or a special skill or hobby you have.

Your content should be unique and written from the heart, not just a rewrite of somebody else’s work.

You can write about anything that can help solve someone else’s problem. There are endless possibilities.

It’s a Job!

If you’re looking for an alternative to affiliate marketing you probably already know how to organize your day and treat your home business like a real job. Creating your own products is no different. There are no get-rich-quick ways of creating your own products or one-click software solutions – it takes hard work and dedication to create good products and a good reputation.

Weird Stuff Sells!

Although it’s true that the most popular products on ClickBank are probably about health and fitness, relationships and making money online etc., don’t think there isn’t a market for really off the wall topics.

You’re probably not the only one who is interested in making your own organic compost. If you found the ideal formula using old newspapers and household waste to grow 500-pound pumpkins then I guarantee somebody else will be interested in sharing your knowledge.

If you’ve found a way of fading an old tattoo that said “I love you Mary” when your wife’s name is Sandra, I’m sure there are thousands of people out there who will pay good money to know how you did it.


Another thing you’re probably used to doing by now is research. If you have a particular passion find out the questions that people are asking and provide them with solutions. You may even encounter people who can’t write that may have some wonderful ideas for a digital product, so why not collaborate? Two heads are better than one!


Follow what top publishers do and this includes pricing. Don’t think you’ll get more sales because your product is priced $5 less than the other two eBooks on the subject, it doesn’t work like that. People see something is cheap and automatically think it’s inferior, like generic baked beans. You’ll also be cutting your own financial throat.

Editing/Proofreading & Testing

One big complaint I have about online publishing is too many people slap something together quickly and throw it online for sale. Successful publishers will never do that.

Creating a reputation for creating excellent products is as important as creating an excellent product. Top novelists’ work is always consistently good because they use proofreaders and editors to scrutinize their work.

Test everything you do many times, send copies to people whose opinions you trust and never take offense when your work is criticized, just keep improving.

Presentation is also important, the same work in a hastily constructed cover made with Photoshop will never be as popular as one made by a professional. It’s still packaging – even though it’s digital and people do judge books by their covers unfortunately.

If you include links or videos in your product always ensure they function properly.


If you sell a $19.95 ‘How To …’ book on and someone links to it on their website, their commission is going to be tiny. Put that same book on ClickBank for $37, offer affiliates a generous commission and they’ll promote your eBook all over the place and you’ll make more money. 50%-75% commission rates are normal on CB.

Affiliates do the marketing and you get paid – what’s up with that?

Build & Retain Your Good Reputation

You should always offer a no-questions-asked refund. There are serial refunders out there who will pay for a digital product, download it to their hard drive and then ask for a refund.

It’s a fact of life with digital products, get over it and concentrate on the positive side of your business.

There will be Duds

One tip that I’ve been given about digital publishing that makes complete sense is to have a number of products ready to publish. Many publishers who are disappointed with the performance of their first product simply give up. Those who stick with it often find that after they’ve published a number of products, their first one starts selling! This means buyers and/or affiliates have recognized the quality of the products and want more!

There will be duds though, ones that just won’t sell well. If you can ascertain why, you can always withdraw it and do a complete rewrite, chalk it up to experience – or perhaps the really weird subject you chose might be too obscure for anyone!

You own the rights to your work so the more you do to promote and market your products the more you will sell, but then you know about all that aspect don’t you?

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  1. Joe says:

    Your point on price is so true. If your product is cheap, the perceived value of the item will be “cheap”. I learned this a while back and never looked back!

  2. Sanika dravidian

    Great post Grabielle, researching your product market is a must to make showstopper of the targeted market.

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    Thank you so much for such a valuable post for start up!

  5. luvherbal says:

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    Was searching for something like this only and i must say it was really helpful.

  7. Ashley Tewes

    Thanks for sharing! No matter what you decide to do for your business it’s going to take effort and time.

  8. Mohd. Atif

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  9. WOW!! What a great, well written post! Why have I not come across this site before?
    So much more informative than what I’ve come across so far! I could have saved myself hundreds of hours bumbling around the internet wilderness forever.
    I’m going to follow your tips, so off goes the TV in the background, phone is on mute. Coffee made. No plans for the weekend. Perfect. Time to dive in… Thank you so much!

  10. Cornel Manu says:

    Wow, this article is super useful. I want to create my first motivational book soon, and this will come handy. Thank you 😀

  11. Thanks so much for posting this article! its crazy how people forget the basis and the foudnational stuff for things!

  12. Ruth Johnson

    Interesting and useful article! Really inspiring. Thanks for the great share.

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    I love the way you broke down each step and listed both the good and the bad so one can make an informative decision

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