Tips for Building a Great Squeeze Page

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If you’re thinking about building a website to make money online you have probably already encountered a number of different types of squeeze pages. You may have even purchased something through one. But do you understand how important a well constructed squeeze, or lead capture page is going to be for your business?

Maybe you already have a squeeze page and you’re scratching your head wondering why you’re not capturing as many email addresses as you should be, or selling as much product as you’d hoped despite having good traffic.

It’s probably time to rethink your capture page to make it more effective. Advertising is everywhere these days and most of it leaves the average consumer stone cold. It doesn’t matter where you look somebody is trying to sell you something online, on the TV or via your cell phone. Large corporations are looking at every way to market their products, and whatever business you’re in you have to stay ahead of the game. A well-constructed capture page will be invaluable.

Value for Value

People are bombarded with emails, which may be the reason why younger people are abandoning email for communicating through social media. So how are you going to grab somebody’s attention and get them to sign up?

An email address is valuable and you should always keep that in mind. One of the best ways is to exchange your prospect’s address for something valuable that you can offer – a bonus, coupon, or a free e-book download for example.

Squeeze Page Construction

A squeeze page may be the only chance you have to capture your reader’s email address or make a sale. Squeeze page construction is therefore very important, and although it doesn’t actually contain much, each aspect should be studied and researched carefully. The design, and any graphics and colors are as important as what you write on the page.

The consensus is that the most effective squeeze page is short, uncluttered, attractive and to the point. It should contain a well constructed title, a short, bulleted list of what your reader can expect to receive, the benefits of joining your list and a call to action – worded in such a way that she will be enticed to leave her email address and look forward to receiving the bonus.

Do not add links or other advertising to a squeeze page, you don’t want anything that will be a distraction or excuse for your reader to click away.

It’s always a good idea to split test at least a couple of different squeeze pages to see which is the most effective. If you’re stuck for ideas, or just don’t think you can do it yourself, there are a number of services online who will do it for you. Paying to have an effective squeeze page built is a wise investment.

After the Squeeze

It’s pointless having a well constructed squeeze page if afterwards everything falls apart. You have to be able to deliver your free e-book, coupon or bonus without any hitches and to be Can Spam compliant your autoresponder service should use the double opt-in system. Your reader will instantly receive an email to confirm that she did in fact sign up to your list. If someone changes their mind in between signing up and confirming, they probably weren’t seriously interested anyway.

An autoresponder system is essential and should go hand-in-hand with a squeeze page. We recommend, their service is inexpensive, they have excellent customer service and they are experts in every aspect of an email marketing campaign.

It may take dozens of emails before a potential customer will buy so serious thought must be applied when composing your messages.

Did you have a problem building your first squeeze page? Where did you get the best help or did you end up outsourcing?

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One Response to Tips for Building a Great Squeeze Page

  1. Hey Gabriele,

    you’ve outlined some very good information here. I remember when I got started on squeeze pages, I was not paying attention to the words on the page. I thought I could just whip something up and that would do the trick; well, nothing happened.

    I had to study what top leaders were doing so follow the same steps. I agree with the split testing strategy; that way one will get to know which one’s working and which one needs changes done. Thanks for sharing, all the very best.

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