The Power of Words in Internet Marketing

Can You Construct Your Own Squeeze Page?

Have you ever wondered why commercial copywriters earn so much money by producing so little? If you had a professional copywriter construct a squeeze page and divided the number of words by what you’d paid them, you’d be looking at hundreds of dollars per word!

Most people think they can construct their own sales literature, including advertisements, brochures and other marketing materials straight out of the gate. Unfortunately what they end up with may be totally ineffective unless they’ve done their homework.

Professional Squeeze Pages are Expensive

Why? When you hire a copywriter his first task is to understand your business. The majority of his research will involve discovering and understanding exactly who your target market is. There will be a vast amount of difference in copywriting if one company’s target market is the scientific community and another is sales material promoting a child’s toy.

Would you write sales literature aimed at the child or at the parent who’s going to pay for the toy? That would depend on a number of things, that’s why research is so important.

Good copywriting is not as easy as it seems. The short video that’s been included here illustrates the point. By changing a short message, the tone changes completely and goes from totally negative to something much more appealing and positive.

Construct Your Squeeze Page

We have quite a few regular panhandlers in my neighbor city. Their signs are always something like “I’m hungry” or “please help”.

From watching some of these people over the past few months, I know they don’t want food; they want money to spend on alcohol or drugs. Do I give them anything? No. The only person I give to on the rare occasions that I see is a homeless man who’s always smiling – his sign reads “I need a beer”. I know I’m enabling him, but at least he’s happy and honest about it. He should have been a copywriter.

He gets my money while the others don’t get anything – although they all want the same thing. That sign is his squeeze page and the power of his words is more effective than anyone else’s. I’m a beer lover and just happen to be his target audience. And that’s how your marketing materials should be.

How To Word Your Words

If you have to compose a squeeze page and you can’t afford to hire somebody, it should be short and to the point. All sales literature should begin by telling the reader about the benefits of owning your product.

Nobody wants to know where your business is located and how long you’ve been around. That information is secondary and should be kept to an absolute minimum, if included at all. You put all that stuff on your website, not on a squeeze page. When somebody wants to buy something they want to know immediately what it can do for them. No fluff and no distractions.

There are many excellent books about writing sales copy. It’s a very important part of internet marketing so read as many as you can. Some are amusing and informative. Luke Sullivan’s Hey Whipple, Squeeze This is an excellent one to start with.

Squeeze pages are the gateway to a sale. Even if you generate thousands of leads every day, if your squeeze page fails to convert, then it obviously needs rewriting.

One great thing about the internet is you can try a number of different squeeze pages to see which performs best (also known also as split testing). Always experiment before you launch. Top marketers will test a number of squeeze pages before they ever release their products to the public. Company logos and taglines can be put in front of a test audience to see which ones work best.

Take the time to research, test, and monitor and you’ll soon discover how powerful it is to use precisely the right words.

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