The Money is in the List

Your list is one of the most valuable assets you have, and you should be doing everything you possibly can to keep your subscribers and build your list further. The saying that “the money is in the list” is cold and impersonal. Saying “the people are in the list” is much better. It makes you realize that what you have is not just a list of names and email addresses, it is a list of current, potential and hopefully repeat customers.

You must build a relationship with your subscribers and treat them with respect at all times.

We all get dozens of emails daily, what is it you don’t like about some of the things you have subscribed to? Why do you unsubscribe? They write too often, the emails contain nothing but ads for their products; they have no helpful information etc.

Remember that fact when you are preparing to blast your subscribers with yet another daily barrage of ads and a page full of nothing useful.

Everybody gets unsubscribes. If you are really puzzled why people are unsubscribing, some good email/autoresponder services allow you to add a couple of questions when the unsubscribe link is clicked. That may offer you some insight into what you are doing wrong.

Look at the design of your emails, the length of the content, the quality and usefulness of what you are sending out and the key may be there. Is your email really necessary?  Better to send out an informative newsletter once a week than a pile of nothing every other day.

Do the following via your autoresponder service:

Thank people for subscribing once they have signed in through your opt in box. It’s just plain good manners.

If you use a double opt-in process, thank people again and let them know they need to confirm by clicking the link. Tell them that they will get a bonus, a free sample or whatever, complete that cycle with a “carrot” if you like.

You can also use this page as a small infomercial for the products you promote – just don’t make it too pushy or too complicated, pique interest with a strong call to action.

Once your subscriber has opted in and followed the link to your landing page, make sure your autoresponder is set up to send another thank you message and use the page as a welcome, offer information and/or something of value to your new prospect.

Always give your subscribers something of value when they subscribe to your mailing list. Build a relationship and try to write your emails as if you are communicating with a personal friend. These people are potentially putting food on your table, so be respectful.

Give and ye shall receive, which is a very relevant saying in today’s online marketing world – it goes hand in hand with attraction marketing.

People will look forward to your special offers, discounts and freebies and may even forward your emails to others, thereby building your list for you, and that’s when the money in your list will suddenly become apparent.

Why do you unsubscribe to certain lists? Do you have some tips for composing good emails? We would love to hear from you if you do.

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2 Responses to The Money is in the List

  1. Donna Abreu says:

    The money IS in the list. the customer base is what makes an offline business value and the list for online.
    Donna Abreu recently posted..Google Revamps to Fight CheatersMy Profile

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