The Four Components of an Effective Squeeze Page



An effective squeeze page, landing or lead capture page is one of the most important components of a website or blog if you’re in the affiliate marketing business. Building a list of potential customers is essential, and a squeeze page is the most effective way of capturing your visitors’ names and e-mails.

Squeeze pages have only a few basic components. You can build them yourself, have someone do it for you, or purchase software that will provide you with editable templates.

If you’ve been investigating affiliate or internet marketing for long you’ve probably encountered quite a lot of different squeeze pages, especially the ones built by shady internet marketers who are trying to sell the imaginary lifestyle of a wealthy internet marketer. You know, the ones with the half-naked girls draped across a Ferrari parked in front of a mansion on the beach.

You don’t have to do that, all you will need are four basic components:

  • An enticing headline
  • A short paragraph about what the reader will get
  • A list of the main advantages of the product
  • A call to action so they will sign up

An enticing title should be written in a way that grabs the reader’s attention and is often written in the form of a question, such as:

– Want to Change your Lifestyle? You can by using this Revolutionary Product!

– Are You Tired of Struggling? Here’s an Easy Way to make An Extra $1000 a Month!

Very often people won’t even bother reading the description paragraph, they’ll be motivated enough to sign up. Titles that include a question will elicit an answer in the reader’s mind.

The trick is to write a headline about the biggest benefit the product can bring to the reader. You should always test three or four different squeeze pages to find the one that converts the best.

The paragraph should describe exactly what your prospect will get.

“You’ll get my award-winning 75-page e-book absolutely free”. Then you should continue with a bulleted list of the main benefits your free e-book contains – just don’t reveal too much.

A call to action simply tells the reader to sign up in order to get the free e-book.

– Sign up now for your instant free download!

The reader will then fill in her information and receives the link via e-mail, sent automatically from your autoresponder system.

Some people include testimonials on their squeeze pages. If you’re like me I’m always skeptical about the authenticity of testimonials. If you do have some genuine comments about your e-book, include them. You could test your squeeze page with or without testimonials to see which works best.

So that’s basically it. Once you get the hang of building an effective squeeze page you’ll see how important they are for building your list. It may take a little experimenting but if you have a lot of traffic to your site and very few people are signing up, you may want to hire an expert to do it for you, it will be a good investment.

Do you agree that a good squeeze page is essential? Do you build your own or do you outsource or use software that does it for you?

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