The Art of Writing Sales Copy

There are certain techniques in copywriting that must either be learned or outsourced if you want to be successful. It is far cheaper to learn these techniques as some professional copywriters can charge thousands of dollars for a sales page, but luckily there are many books on the subject and internet sites that offer free help.

One of the easiest techniques for writing sales copy is AIDA, which stands for:

• Attention
• Interest
• Desire
• Action

The majority of sales pages should start out aiming to help someone with a problem or satisfying a desire for a product. By starting the sales letter, landing page or article by grabbing the reader’s attention, you can lead the reader down the page to the desired action, which in your case will be for them to click on an item and hopefully purchase.

Depending on what you are selling, this opening section of the sales copy will use a certain amount of empathy – “I know what you are going through, I used to have …” Instantly you have bonded with your reader. Then you can go into an explanation of how you tried to resolve your problem, by using X or Y but it didn’t work.

Your aim is to have the reader nodding in agreement. Read any good sales copy about losing weight and you may see this technique used. “I tried everything and nothing worked…” Obviously it didn’t work for the reader either, or she wouldn’t be reading your sales page! You tell her you understand what she is going through. You can ask questions like “Are you tired of …?” “Did you know that…?” By using this method effectively you are drawing the reader down the page – and you want them to read everything you have written.

Your next task is to engage her interest with some facts. “I started this on New Year’s Day and since then I have…” Be as dramatic as possible but keep your sales copy within the realms of being reasonable. Telling anyone they can lose 50lbs in a week is stretching the imagination; everything you say should be plausible.

You can forget proper sentence construction and grammar when writing landing pages and sales copy. The idea is for the tone to be conversational, as if you are talking to your reader face to face, just go easy on the exclamation points; too many just don’t look right.

The desire part is a little more subtle, in the case of diet you can play on the fact that she will be more attractive to her mate, can wear smaller clothes and look far more desirable – that kind of thing. Put a picture in her head of what she could look like after losing all that weight, how much better and more healthy her life will be, and this is mostly all true.

At this point you can bring in testimonials from satisfied customers, in the case of weight loss good before and after pictures work very well.

In the last part of your sales copy you need a strong call to action. If you are new to sales copywriting this may require some experimentation. Keep an eye on your results, if you are getting good sales from using certain calls to action and not others; drop the ones that are not working, obviously. There are many trigger words that are effective and others that are not in this process and further reading will be needed on your part – a lot of it depends on the product.

Many sales letters also include a PS and a PPS, some of these can go on and on. I personally think too many just look like desperation, but it depends again on what you are promoting. The first PS could be to remind the reader that she has nothing to lose, as you offer an unconditional, no-questions-asked guarantee, that may be the clincher and encourage the reader to move back slightly and click your Buy it Now button.

Your sales copy should incorporate lots of white space and short sentences and paragraphs, the language and the layout should be inviting and look easy to read.

I see sales copy that goes on for yards, with everything repeated 6 times, it doesn’t work with me – how about you? What works best for you? Let us know by leaving a comment.

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