The Art of Email Marketing

It’s time to look at some effective strategies that will get your emails opened and even looked forward to.

Firstly you must ensure that you have peoples’ permission to send them emails. This is easily done by using an opt-in. When people sign up, they are sent a simple instant response stating who you are, and reminding them why they opted in. I have received some atrocious versions of these autoresponders. Hopefully you have an email service that allows you to put something – even a thank you – in there; it’s far more attractive than a lonely line of code!

Emails are tools for cultivating good relationships within business. Unfortunately email is not used to its fullest advantage and is often over-used. I just haven’t the time to read a long email from ANY company twice a day, I don’t care who it is.

So, here’s a little exercise. Go to your inbox and take a look at the emails in there.  Take out the ones you know are friends or are not business related and look at the others. Some are unfamiliar, so which of those would you be likely to open? Nine times out of ten the unfamiliar ones you do open have an attention grabbing subject line.

The subject line is the first thing you see; it’s shorter than a Tweet and requires careful crafting.

What about the rest of the emails? “Dear subscriber” impresses me not, the owner of that list didn’t bother to set up his autoresponders correctly – delete.

CustomerService(at) Hmm, who the heck could that be?  There are dozens of places where you can sign up for free “disposable” email accounts, but the customer service gets me thinking… Nah can’t be bothered. Spam! Now, this could have been a bona fide company, so why didn’t they use their company name?

It’s a common mistake. If your company’s website is instantly identifiable by its address, use it for your emails. You will get much better open rates.

If someone sends me an email every day, I will unsubscribe. Why? Because I know they are desperately trying to sell something, or will not offer me anything of value. Bye!

Now for the ones I do open.

Greet me by my first name. I will mark your email as spam if you have right-in-my face advertising or if your copy drones on, or, if I do read the copy, it tells me nothing of value. Bye!

A good free lesson to see how the best headlines or subject lines are written can be done by subscribing to the top internet marketer’s mailing lists. You will get great ideas on how to write eye-catching headlines and emails. Learn from the experts!

Many people look forward to receiving regular emails. If it is in their inbox at 8am Monday morning when they start their work week, it could start out with something amusing or useful that they can carry through their day, and they will remember you when they are ready to buy your product.

Gabriele Cramer-Knebel
Internet Marketing Training

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