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How to Increase your Click-Through Rate

Tweet How to Increase your Click-Through Rate You build a site. You build loads of backlinks. You participate on relevant blogs and spend hours participating on social media sites. You write informative, well-optimized articles and perhaps do guest posts – … Continue reading

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Social Media Marketing and Site Ranking

Tweet I watched a video recently on YouTube where Matt Cutts said Google is now paying more attention to how a website or blog is connected to social media. He also stated that data received from social media influence may … Continue reading

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Google+ and What it Means to your IM Business

Tweet I think a lot of internet marketing entrepreneurs have been rolling their eyes at the idea of having yet another social network to contend with. When Google first announced its latest attempts at social networking many people thought it … Continue reading

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Traffic – the Lifeblood of a Website

Tweet You can have the most visually stunning website, packed full with useful information but without a healthy supply of visitors you will never make a dime. Despite what many people may tell you, you can’t just build a website … Continue reading

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Jump-Start Traffic with a Search Engine Friendly Blog

Tweet Like Twitter and Facebook, blogging started out as a social media platform that is being utilized more and more by online businesses. Indeed there are many entrepreneurs that realized the potential of blogging early, and have made millions of … Continue reading

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Top 10 Reasons Why Your Audience Doesn’t Like You in Social Media

Tweet So you have 50 or 100 or so followers on Twitter, and about that many on Facebook, but it’s been a struggle to get that many. You’ve tried everything, but you are not getting the massive response you had … Continue reading

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