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How to Increase your Click-Through Rate

Tweet How to Increase your Click-Through Rate You build a site. You build loads of backlinks. You participate on relevant blogs and spend hours participating on social media sites. You write informative, well-optimized articles and perhaps do guest posts – … Continue reading

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Choosing the Best Topic for a Site – Passion or Profit?

Tweet Choosing a Topic It doesn’t matter what you do to your website, how many awesome articles you’ve written and how much time you spent on it, if you’ve chosen the wrong topic then you’re doomed from the outset. In … Continue reading

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Affiliate Marketing – Tips for Success and Pitfalls to Avoid

Tweet If you want to start your own internet marketing business there are probably 100,000 different products that you can promote online to earn commissions. If your initial idea is to create your own products, understand that this can be … Continue reading

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Keywords are the KEY to a Successful Site

Tweet Once you have chosen and researched a subject that you think can profitable, your next task is to research keywords.  They are called keywords because they are crucial to the success of your site.  The only people who don’t … Continue reading

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