Some Reasons Why People Buy

The psychology of selling is a fascinating subject that you should understand if you are going to be able to sell effectively, online or off. The emotions involved with buying can be complex, and below we will cover some of the main reasons why people buy things, especially if they don’t really “need” things.

We are not talking about every day supermarket shopping here, although even in the grocery store everything is carefully laid out to make us buy more, and those tactics are proven to work. Although every human being needs to eat, the people that dictate how the store is laid out know which human emotions to appeal to.

I Want More!

Many people are basically greedy. Although they drive a nice car, they want a bigger more expensive vehicle. They strive to get better paying jobs to make more money so they can buy more stuff. Call it the “keeping up with the Joneses syndrome” or whatever. If you can learn how to appeal to this side of human nature, you will sell more, although these people are probably the easiest to sell to. It does not mean that you should be any less helpful than you normally are. Put your personality into this easy sale and you may have a repeat customer for life!

I’m Scared – Help Me!

People are afraid of things, and fortunately for those selling things they can allay these fears; you can sell by appealing to this side of a potential buyer’s perceived fear. That’s why advertisers say things like “hurry this offer ends on…” or “only until Tuesday”, that kind of tactic. People will worry that they will miss out. People worry about not having enough time, or enough money, the words “labor saving” and “money saving” appeal to that side of human nature. Many women, for example, have been conditioned into thinking that wrinkles are ugly, that youthfulness and beauty are important in everything, so we dye our grey hair and buy billions of dollars worth of wrinkle creams, and pay for facelifts and Botox injections. Old men are told that they have to be virile in order to maintain any kind of meaningful relationship, they pop pills every day so they can still behave like teenagers. It’s not natural in either instance, but there are billion dollar industries that exist just to pander to people’s fears of getting old and worse, looking old.

I’m Too Busy Doing Nothing

Laziness or lack of time are two more factors. If you can tell someone that a product will save them time, in busy modern life that aspect can be a big selling point. Look at the fast food industry or the diet industry. People don’t want to exercise – it takes time, they just want to pop a pill, continue to eat their unhealthy diet and lose weight.

I’ll Pay for Forgiveness

The jewelry industry runs on love. The more you can spend on a gift item, the better she will love you. Everyone on this planet loves something or someone. Look at the pet industry – we spend billions of unnecessary dollars every year pampering our animals, when most pets would still love us if we just provided them with a warm bed and a bowl of food every day.

Humans are imperfect, and many of us live with feelings of guilt. There are many industries that thrive because of this human emotion. It is no longer adequate to say you are sorry, flowers and chocolates must accompany an apology. Therapists are paid hundreds of dollars an hour, just to sit and listen.

I’ll Take the Gold Plate Special

Some people are not just greedy, they are arrogant too. They buy bigger and faster cars to impress people, and bigger boats and houses, and it’s often not what they buy it’s where they buy it; the main reason being is so that they can brag. They’ll pay fifty times what normal people would pay for dinner – it’s not the food, it’s where they eat. They want to be seen eating there.

Of course when you meet a potential customer you will have no idea who they are or what makes them tick, and the trick is to let them do most of the talking so you can size them up, and it’s an art to be able to do this quickly. Once you understand their emotions and why they are considering purchasing a certain item, then you can work that emotion. The important thing is to maintain your integrity, be honest, and get to know the person.

You may have a list, but everyone on that list has different reasons for being there. Understand that your list comprises many personalities, put your own personality into what you do, help each with his individual problem, understand why he wants to buy, and the sales will come.

Do you have any other emotions to add to this list? We would love you to leave a comment.


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