Promoting Affiliate Products on Your Blog

Selling affiliate products on a blog or website is amazingly easy and costs nothing. You just sign up, post the company’s banner or link and then check your account once a day to see how much money you’ve made, right? Unfortunately to many folks when they do check their accounts day after day the number is zero. Why is this?

The first problem may actually be with the niche you have chosen. If you’ve opted for a highly competitive market such as Internet marketing, you are targeting a highly skeptical audience. But if you love the world of internet marketing then you will probably do a lot better than somebody who is simply writing a blog about internet marketing to make affiliate dollars.

At last count there were about 100,000 different affiliate products that can be promoted online. You can go to Clickbank, or and browse the dozens of categories and thousands of products offered there. The trick with affiliate marketing is finding the right keywords – find some underutilized keywords with which you can marry some lucrative affiliate products and then you’re onto a winner. It all boils down to doing a lot of research and understanding that there’s enormous competition whatever you choose to promote. The key is trying to build a more successful business than all the others and this is always done by effective marketing.

Most people get into affiliate marketing this way: they find a product that pays, say, $50 commission and they dream about selling one product every day, which would bring in a total income of $18250 per year from just that one product. Great in theory, but unfortunately it rarely works like that because it’s all down to conversion rates. When you first start out and your blog or website is new you simply will not have the traffic that you can convert into sales. Understand that when you start out nobody knows you from a hole in the ground and it’s very unlikely they will buy anything from you! With conversion rates for most products hovering around .05% to 1% conversion now you can understand why it takes so long to make money from blogging. It’s all about driving traffic.

I’ve met people whose sites are built solely around’s products. They pay a whacking 5% commission on electronics and not much more on anything else – so why do they do it? The secret is they have hundreds of websites featuring Amazon’s products, and spend most of their working days promoting their websites or blogs. From a couple of hundred websites they could make a few hundred dollars every day – but boy is that a lot of work! At the other extreme Clickbank products offer unbelievably high commissions, but then everybody in internet marketing knows that so competition is fierce.

The secret to affiliate marketing is to find products that you can write about regularly and which also pay a decent commission and this will only happen after you have a substantial amount of visitors. I know some extremely successful Internet marketers who can make thousands of dollars with one product, and yet fail to sell any of another product, while others in the business do well with that product. It’s all down to experimenting and testing to see which affiliate promotions will work well for you sticking with them and dropping the failures.

Internet marketing is a business just like anything else and you should be in it for the long-term. Learn how to market your website or blog effectively and from then on it’s a numbers game. If you have 500 visitors a day and you make $50 in daily commissions that should spur you on to marketing your site even more effectively and getting 5000 visitors a day. Do the math – that’s $500 a day in commissions – now wouldn’t that be nice?

Have you tried affiliate marketing? How did you do? Please let us know so others can learn from your experience.

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