Online Marketing Beats Traditional Advertising – Ten Reasons Why

Online marketing is the fastest way of promoting your business and consequently it has become the most successful. The audience is global, and you have the potential to reach thousands, if not millions of potential customers every minute of every day. The internet is the primary platform for doing this, and when done right, you can get maximum exposure for your product or service.

Traditional marketing is expensive, slow and requires a lot of time and effort. It can eat up precious resources, such as your own and your staff’s time. Advertisements have to be created, then there’s market research to deal with, printing and distribution. Its fine for the local pizza parlor, but it simply doesn’t work any more for businesses that can reap the benefits of country-wide or global promotion.

Below is a list the top 10 reasons why online marketing beats traditional advertising hands down.


Email marketing campaigns are quick, can be highly-targeted, cost very little to implement and are a highly efficient method of marketing. They can reach thousands of customers in an instant. Traditional mail-outs are a thing of the past and can take months to implement, use up a lot of time and resources, and usually get a low response.


Nearly everyone on this planet can either read English or have the ability to easily translate your message into English; therefore the whole world is your customer base. As the internet reaches more and more people daily, your market increases. Traditional offline marketing is only effective today for local businesses. Credit card companies seem to be the exception!


Online marketing is highly targeted, and often referred to as “pull” marketing. A potential online customer finds your website when they are looking for a particular product. Offline marketing is referred to as “push” marketing; in effect you must go through the process of introducing and promoting your company to each individual customer.


When you market online successfully, a sale is completed almost instantly. With a shopping cart setup, people choose what they want to buy, fill in their details and pay. You even have the added bonus of capturing that customer’s details, which can then be used in future online marketing campaigns. Offline the system is laborious and complex, involves paying sales staff, the cost of premises, and delivery etc., and very often the customer will not buy anyway.


The internet operates every minute of every day and involves little maintenance once it is set up. You can sell while you sleep, and even on public holidays. Offline you are always restricted by your hours of operation. If you are not open, you are not selling.


Using a medium for promotion, such as television, is extremely expensive, that’s why you only see large companies use it. People are purchasing newspapers and magazines much less too, so those medias are becoming less of a choice for advertising. The technology for making your own video promotions has become a lot cheaper, and there are companies that offer facilities where you can make quick and cheap commercials for your own website.


What you post online is effectively available forever, unless, like a seasonal promotion you delete it. An article you post online today can still be read in fifty years time. Offline marketing has a very short shelf life, especially if it is on paper. 99% of all the advertising I get in my mailbox doesn’t even reach the house; it goes straight into the recycle bin!


Costs are minimal per customer with online marketing and very high using offline methods.


By including an FAQ page, you can answer a lot of your customers’ questions without ever having any contact with them. If they do have further questions, it is a quick and simple process to address their concerns via email. Offline involves face-to-face contact, letters and phone calls – all time consuming and expensive.


With a simple opt-in email form on a website, you can get all the information you need about your customer base. If you use an email service such as Aweber, your lists are automatically stored and can be sorted however you like. It is as simple as spending a few minutes writing promotional emails, you can even have Aweber store your pre-written emails and schedule how often you want to send them. An autoresponder can even be set up to thank your customer for their enquiry or order, without you having to do a thing.

This is a totally different process offline; again it’s labor-intensive and not cost effective. You even have to worry about disposing of that written information properly once you have used it!

Online marketing beats all traditional forms of marketing when it comes to costs, the markets you can reach, and the labor involved. It will save you money, time, and work and can bring amazing results with little effort.

Gabriele Cramer-Knebel
Internet Marketing Training

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One Response to Online Marketing Beats Traditional Advertising – Ten Reasons Why

  1. I agree that online marketing is a powerful resource and growing stronger by the hour, minute even. Just look at how fast a video can go viral and you’ll know its the wave of the future.
    I still think though that there is something to be said for off line marketing too and if you combine them….Its no holds barred baby you are going to Win and Win Big!
    Great post as usual

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