Nine Techniques for Getting More Sales

There is a vast amount of psychology behind selling and it’s something they do not teach in business school. The best marketers have studied human behavior and use the results to their financial advantage. They know what makes people get out their credit cards and they know all the tricks of making a customer feel like he’s got something he really wanted, at a great price.

There are nine simple techniques you should know about that will give you the edge on your competitors, when it comes to the gentle art of persuasion in the world of selling.

Decoy Offers

A decoy offer is a distraction. When a visitor comes to your site and sees something that he perceives as being too expensive, he registers that fact mentally, but if he sees a “special offer” quickly after – something like buy two and get one free, he’s going to like that offer a lot better. For example, if you are promoting a certain pack of vitamins. Singly you offer that bottle for $25 but you can get three bottles of $50, you know which idea he will like better. You have actually inflated the price of the single bottle, making the three-pack seem far more attractive.


People like to be perceived as being consistent in their choices. There are very few people that swing from Republican to Democrat at each election. So in a sales situation if someone has said no to something they will continue to say no. The trick is how to get them to say yes.

Most people have to be led by the hand from a small offer to what they really want. This has to be done in steps, and at each step you have to elicit a small commitment from them. Many people won’t even notice you’re doing it!

A good start is by offering something for free, everyone loves free.

A good example is cosmetics – you know the ones you get for free in hotels – the shampoo, conditioner, and soap – always some cheap unknown brand name.

Someone in one of these companies decided to try giving away their own brand of soap etc., in the hotels. Of course the hotels were very happy they no longer had to supply the stuff, and the company was extremely pleased with the results. Their brand name was recognized and people liked using it, so they bought it later.

But what can this do for your sales on the internet? If you are selling anything, hook them in by offering something free, of course at the same time capturing their email address and making them a subscriber.

Then the slow persuasion starts. First email: “We know you enjoyed the information we sent you, perhaps you would like to try…” and so on, until the subscriber has finally persuaded himself to buy your most expensive product! It only takes the right small push from you. It’s all very subtle and clever, and it is also extremely profitable when done the right way.

You Get What You Pay For

In a few cases this is true. A Mercedes Benz will cost you considerably more than a Ford Focus! But a lot of consumers have the idea that cheap means no good, and sometimes in order to get a sale you have to put up the price!

If you sell a unique product you must set the price higher rather than lower, you will be surprised at the results. Why do people buy Hermes purses instead of knock-offs? Both purses are made from leather, have a zipper and look pretty much the same, but people will always really want the real over the “fake”.


People always want what they cannot have. My friend had a struggling antiques business. She noticed that when something did sell, usually a piece of furniture, everybody wanted it. They knew very well they couldn’t have it. It was sold and paid for. Ha! She put sold signs on a lot of the furniture that had not sold, after marking up the price. Guess what? A quick bogus phone call and the item suddenly became available again and was sold then for real.

The scene a couple of Christmases ago was hysterical – the Sing and Snore Ernie doll.  People were paying massive amounts of money for these things on eBay, because little Mary just had to have one for Christmas. Three months later they could be found face down in the dirt at any yard sale! People are crazy, but you can turn that to your financial advantage.

Offer your products with an heir of, well, I don’t let just anyone have one of those, or if you are a network marketer you could even try that approach when you try to recruit more people for your downline team. You’ll have them begging, they won’t be able to stand it!

If you tell people why they should not buy an item, then that gets them even more interested. “You should not buy this wrinkle cream, if you can’t handle the tremendous results it brings…”

Social Validation

If you sell a good quality product and people buy it, even if it is expensive, they will try to justify their purchase to others (they don’t want to look stupid do they?)

“So why did you buy that Mary?” Next thing you know Mary is doing a perfect sales pitch for your product! She wants to justify her purchase and convince others that she made a smart decision. If you offer her a free bonus, or an incentive to purchase more, chances are Mary will sell the product, or buy it for her friend. (Welcome to network marketing!)

Too Many Choices = No Action

Do not offer too many things at once. can do it, but you can’t. People are terrible about making decisions and the more choices you offer them the less likely they are to be able to make a quick decision, unless that person has done their homework and it’s a high ticket item. Even too many colors can be a distraction with certain items, so limit their choices and you will get better results.


This is a favorite and it works very well. If you have an endless supply of something, they may not make their mind up immediately, but if you say your offer expires on such a day, or there are only 4 left, you will be amazed how quickly people can make their minds up!

Risk Reversal

Stand behind your product and offer free shipping on returns. That way you are perceived as taking the risk, but also you are seen as standing behind your product. There is no free of course, you just factor shipping costs into the purchase price!

Attraction Selling

Physically attractive people in photos sell stuff – hence the scantily clad skinny models used on anything male-oriented. The 17 year old models used for selling wrinkle cream are a prime example! Whenever you can make something more attractive, it really does work.

Gabriele Cramer-Knebel
Internet Marketing Training

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