Making Money on the Internet – It’s all About Marketing

There are dozens of different ways to earn money on the internet. It’s easy to do a Google search on any subject and be confronted by thousands of results, but that doesn’t mean that every owner of every website on the internet makes money. There are millions of websites that don’t make anything. If you think you can start an internet business and make a lot of money quickly and easily, then unfortunately you’re wrong.

If you’re intent on trying to make a part-time or full-time income on the internet you must understand that everything you do involves marketing. Even if you’re filling out a resume, you are basically marketing yourself and your skills. If you offer affiliate products, or get into MLM, that all involves marketing. If you offer a service such as writing, graphic design, teaching or anything else – guess what? Yep, it all involves marketing.

What amazes me is the amount of people that think they can build a website and then sit back and relax. You can – if you don’t want to sell anything! The majority of websites are built for the primary reason of making money, and whatever product or service you choose you can guarantee you won’t be the first one offering it, and you’ll have competition – loads of it – from people far more experienced in marketing than you.

Back in the early days of the internet the only way to build a good website was to use software like Dreamweaver. It was expensive and extremely difficult for most people to get their heads around. Consequently only those who could afford expensive software and the time to learn it, or had the money to employ a graphic designer or website building service had an Internet presence. In the beginning it was the big boys who made the money from internet marketing. Now we have WordPress – if you’ve already written half a dozen articles you can actually build a very attractive website using one of the thousands of free WordPress templates in under an hour. But what then?

For those of us who take internet marketing seriously and understand how much work is involved then WordPress is awesome. Unfortunately there are millions of people who invest their $10 in a domain name and six dollars a month on hosting, build a website but then leave it floating in cyberspace doing absolutely nothing. One thing I would like to see is some way to eliminate these abandoned sites. Most naturally disappear when the domain registration runs out, but it still means that serious internet marketers have a much more limited choice of effective domain names.

Every day people decide that they’d like to try some kind of Internet marketing – and with the term “internet marketing” I’m also including offering services online. One of the best things to understand before investing money in a domain name and hosting is marketing. Effective marketing is the reason why one website dominates the search engines results over another, and if you don’t understand how this is done it’s best to spend some time researching all the many aspects of effective online marketing. It could actually turn you off your idea – it’s not easy. It’s better not to start than waste months trying, only to be disappointed.

There is absolutely no need to waste money on online Internet marketing courses, all the information can be found for free by searching online. There are also dozens of free eBooks you can get on the subject. It’s very depressing getting halfway through an expensive internet marketing course and realizing it’s going to be too difficult or too time-consuming for you to do.

Set up a Google alert for “internet marketing” and you can have a wealth of information delivered via email daily. Join forums and subscribe to RSS feeds from blogs that are dedicated to internet marketing. Internet marketing is not something that can be done half-heartedly.

If you want to make an income on the internet read, learn and understand what it takes to be successful. You may be happy if your expectations are low – perhaps you really only want to make an extra couple of hundred dollars a month –  but if you’re like most people and want to make a good, full-time income be aware it’s going to take a long time and a lot of work before you will achieve that.

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