Link Building and Relevancy

To most people one of the most tedious aspects of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is link building. It’s something that has to be done daily if you’re going to achieve the ultimate placement for your website, and that is being on the first page of the search engine results. Because this is an ongoing effort, many people get frustrated and give up when they don’t see their website climbing rapidly up the rankings.

To understand a little about how Google and the other search engines rank websites you have to understand relevancy, and that relevancy comes in the form of backlinks. When someone enters a search into Google the Google bots go out and search for the most relevant site and place them in order of relevance. The number of other sites that link to your website or blog is taken into account, but only if the sites that link to yours are relevant, i.e. the information in those linking sites is relevant to yours. If your website is about dog training, it’s a waste of time linking to a site that talks about growing roses, and in fact linking to irrelevant sites can actually hurt your ranking.

Google looks for a steady increase in links. Don’t go crazy one day and build 100 links and then do nothing for the next month, Google wants to see slow and steady growth.

One of the first things you have to do with the new site is get into the habit of trying to establish perhaps a dozen or so links a day, as soon as you possibly can. Most people do this after posting 5 to 10 articles, that way when you build links you can link to different pages on your site. It’s not about your sites ranking, each article on your site should have backlinks so it will have its own ranking.

Whatever you do don’t be tempted to take the lazy route, and that is purchasing links from “link farms”. Google knows all about these link farms and will penalize you for using them. Most of the links will be irrelevant anyway.

So how do I get backlinks? One of the most common ways is by leaving comments on blogs that have plugin ‘CommentLuv’ installed, which means you can leave a comment and a link back to your own site. Obviously these blogs should be relevant to the content in your own site. Once people see that you are regularly participating on certain blogs, they will probably click through to your site. Just make sure you also have the WordPress plugin ‘CommentLv’ installed on your blog.

Despite the “Google Panda slap” in early 2011, the top article directories are still very useful places for getting good backlinks. is still one of the top sites. You will have to get used to writing articles and submitting them to article directories, along with all your articles you add on a regular basis to your own website. These article directories allow you to leave a link to your website.

You should also submit your site to Web Directories and you can also get links from social bookmarking sites such as Reddit, Stumbleupon, Digg and Mister Wong. RSS feeds should not be ignored and we will be going into that aspect of link building in another article.

The key is to set aside some time every day to your link building activities, slow and steady wins the race!

Have you found any other efficient ways to get relevant backlinks to your site? Please let us know so others can benefit from your knowledge.

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2 Responses to Link Building and Relevancy

  1. Thank you for writing this I definitely have a much better understanding of exactly how to increase my back links and what to do to get them in the first place.

    • Kathleen,
      I am glad I could help. Getting backlinks is so important, particularly if you can leave your link on someone else’s site you commented on. Commentluv is a really good plugin to get on your site, too. People will more likely leave a comment on your site because this is a backlink to their site.

      But remember the sites you comment on need to be relevant to your website or Google will punish you and may even block your site to appear on Google search. I have seen this too often. And once a site is blocked, it is almost impossible to get Google to unblock it.

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