How to use Social Media as Sales Media

Even if you don’t have a product to promote, social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter can suck hours out of your day. If you do, then there are right and very wrong ways to go about using social media as a promotional tool.

Only an estimated 10% of teenagers and younger people are participating in blogs these days which is way down from five years ago. One of the main reasons is that sites such as Facebook are much more interesting and interactive. They are a great way of promoting your product or service.

There are a number of things you should know before you begin using social media sites for promotion.

What Social Media is

The word social means “allowing people to meet and interact with others in a friendly way”.

Always bear this term in mind if you want to promote a product or service on a social media site. You must interact with people and make friends before you ever mention your product or service. This all comes under the headings of self-branding and attraction marketing – two essential techniques for successful marketing.

Social media is not a supermarket or a selling platform, it’s a place to cultivate relationships and gradually warm people to you, then and only then can you introduce your product or service. People get to know you, like you, follow you and eventually they can be slowly introduced to whatever it is you are promoting. You will make few, if any sales by approaching social media with a sell-sell-sell mindset.

The people that “friend” or “fan” you are essentially your list. That list is valuable and should be handled with care. Don’t do unto others, if you wouldn’t want it done to you!

Do not bombard those folks with useless information. Answer any questions they may have, respond quickly and politely, and act like a professional. Make sure your bio is accurate and include a good photo of yourself, so your face will show up in the emails you send them if you use Facebook. Humans are big on facial recognition, it helps them to trust and recognize you. Replace the avatar – it looks like you are hiding something or the photo of you in a Speedo, it is unprofessional.

With the Correct use of Social Media, you can:

  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Educate people about what you have to offer
  • Generate leads
  • Build your list

Without a doubt making your own videos is the best way to get you, your brand and your product in front of potentially thousands of people, and as Google owns YouTube it is one of the best ways to be found IF you SEO your videos correctly.

You can link to your own videos on many of the social networking sites and this will increase your traffic enormously. Many people will not read more than one paragraph before they lose interest, so making short videos about your product or service is one of the most effective ways of getting your message across, with the least amount of effort from the interested party.

The most efficient way of tackling social media, as a selling platform, is to start out with a couple of sites first, don’t try to cover them all. Give yourself a set amount of time daily, get on, post what you have to say, or your responses to comments, and log out, or you will spend far too much time getting sidetracked. If you decide to use Facebook, they will notify you by email if someone has left a comment. You must practice self-discipline.

Make a Facebook business site and keep it completely separate from your personal site. You will end up with two personas, but most people act differently inside and outside of business anyway.

Warm them up to you, be positive and the sales will come.

Have any comments or tips for using a social media site as a selling platform?  We would love to hear from you!

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2 Responses to How to use Social Media as Sales Media

  1. As usual you have provided great value and insight on the proper way to promote and connect with others on social media sites.
    By suggesting that you have two Facebook sites are you saying the personal site with a fan page?
    Thanks for taking the time to share.
    Kathleen Cooley recently posted..My Blog on Marketing part 2My Profile

    • Hi Kathleen,

      yes, I do suggest a personal Facebook and a fan page for your business. It keeps your personal Facebook free of the content your friends and family are not interested in and you still can accept your business friends on your personal Facebook site.
      Thank your for stopping by,

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