How to Use Social Media as a Successful Marketing Platform

Social media marketing campaigns are a great idea, but not something that should be attempted without a good deal of planning. If you run your campaign properly, it will be to your long-term benefit, but jump in without knowing what you are doing, and your business could die a premature death.

You will see that basically the same principles should apply whatever kind of marketing you are looking to do.

The customer should be your primary focus, not you or your product. When you post any information whether it be on a website or social media site it must be original, useful and accurate.

In order for people to follow you, you must post on a regular basis. If you are inconsistent, it reflects your personality and often translates to unreliable. Few people will buy from someone with such a trait.

When people Friend or Tweet you, reciprocate – social media is not a one-way street.  Besides, if they are interested in you and what you do, they may be able to help you with ideas and subjects for further posts – that’s being sociable!

Don’t just jump into Twitter or any social media site without cultivating relationships first.  If you don’t, you will be ignored, and your Tweets treated more like mosquito buzzes – people will ignore you until you go away.

Ignore trying to get to number one in the SERPS (Search Engine Ranking Pages) and enjoy socializing for a while. Despite what the gurus say, you can’t just do one or two easy things and get your product at number one in Google rankings in a few days – it either takes a lot of work, or a lot of money. Just enjoy what you are doing in the beginning and make new friends.

Don’t even think about setting up shop on every social media site with the sole intention of getting back links. That’s called spamming, you’re leaving links everywhere that few people will want to follow. That time is much better served concentrating on one or two social media sites, leaving tasty breadcrumbs that people WILL follow, but make sure there’s something of substance for them at the end of the trail.

There’s another reason that social media sites are perfect platforms for small business, and that’s because there is little presence by large corporations and big name businesses, although they too have realized the advantage of having at least some presence on social media. As soon as you see these big companies’ banners and logos you recognize them. So take a leaf out of their book, make yourself recognizable with self-branding.

Despite these difficult economic times, many people are finding success building their own small businesses online. Let’s face it, we can’t rely on the government to provide us all with jobs. We have to invent our own, and it is essential that we are successful, so make social media a part of your marketing campaign, do it right and you will be able to be part of a growing movement away from the humdrum world of 8-5 working for the man.

Always be aware that the first word of social media is “social”. Build your marketing campaign primarily by establishing a good reputation. Become an expert in your field, provide quality content, reciprocate when others Tweet you, or Like you and make socializing your primary objective and sales secondary, it’s more fun than work.

If you have a blog or website you are linking to, through your social media sites, make sure you link to other pages within your website that are relevant to your posts and comments, not just the home page.

Keep an eye on your competitors and learn from them, join the groups that they are in and see what they’re up to so you can get an edge. Call it spying if you like, but as your following becomes bigger, others will be watching you too. It’s all part of being social. If you do post on their sites, never be negative – ever. If you can’t say something good – just like in the real world – don’t say anything at all.

Have you had success with marketing on social media sites? Do you have any further tips you can add? We would love to hear from you.

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  1. Gabriele you always provide such value with your posts. You are right on target with you comment about having the proper campaign making the difference between success or failure. The cliche’ “Bigger is not always better” applies to business too, getting too big too fast has destroyed many a well intentioned business owner.
    Great Post!
    Kathleen Cooley recently posted..My Blog on Marketing part 2My Profile

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