How to Run a Successful Ad Campaign on Facebook

If you already have a well trafficked Facebook Page for your business then it may be time you thought about running a paid ad campaign. For as little as five cents for each click you can attract highly qualified new customers to your business.

Already just under a quarter of small businesses have run Facebook ad campaigns and most of these business owners said the campaign turned out well and they’re planning to do it again. Many of these people also said that running a campaign on Facebook was extremely easy to do and with the added benefit of being able to target ads at specific demographics return on investment was very high.

Of course there are many people who have run Facebook ads who say they’ll never do it again. Quite possibly they didn’t do it right as most of those people said they didn’t acquire any new customers.

Plan Your Facebook Campaign

Perhaps it’s too easy to run an ad campaign on Facebook! Many people wake up one morning and decide to give it a try but the problem is it does take planning. The first thing you have to ask is what you hope to achieve by running a Facebook campaign. Is it to get more Facebook fans, get more sales or increase brand visibility?

Facebook offers the flexibility for a business to run ad campaigns with different objectives in mind. They offer a number of options, and if you simply want to grow your fan base then a standard marketplace ad will probably do the trick.

If you already have a huge fan base you could use the Page Like idea which shows all the people who have “Liked” your business page. Whatever you choose to do it’s a good idea to use the handy tools that Facebook provides and keep an eye on your click-through rates, because if it’s low you may have to halt a campaign or do something to make it better.

Target Your Market

If you’re promoting a product pay close attention to the demographics that Facebook can provide you. It’s pointless trying to target middle-aged men when you’re promoting something that is more likely to be purchased by teenagers. It may sound obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t target their ads at the right people. You have the ability to be able to micro-target your ideal audience by whittling down the options.

With Facebook it’s not a case of slinging a big pile of mud everywhere hoping some of it will stick. By far the best approach is to sling a small amount of mud at the right walls! Of course if you have no idea who your target market is, for heaven’s sake find out before you waste money on advertising.

The most effective ads should end up with a call to action. You may have to experiment with different wording but by keeping a close eye on your stats you will soon find out which of your ads is doing the best and you can forget the rest or make some more.

You want to write in clear and direct words, and in words your target audience will use and understand. Highlight any special offers, coupons or features that set you apart from your competitors. Use your company name at the top of the ad if your goal is to build brand recognition.

Although you are limited to 135 characters, don’t think that you have to use all 135 characters. This should be part of your planning and why it’s not a good idea to advertise on Facebook if you haven’t done any preparation. You ad should be precise, convey what you need to get across to your audience, include any features, and your company name but you also want to make it as eye-catching as possible AND include a call to action if necessary.

It’s impossible to do that without some serious thought beforehand. If you do have a call to action the other vitally important thing you need is to have an effective landing page. Again this needs planning, and one of the many things you should test is not only the different ads you use but also your landing page. It’s pointless having  people click through to an ineffectual landing page. The secret is to test, test and test again.

Images can also be included and they shouldn’t be some fuzzy amateurish looking thing, they should fit in well with your logo and be eye-catching without too much going on. Remember that not everybody’s monitor is set up the way yours is and if you can access other people’s computers have a look at how you add comes across on their monitor and using different browsers.

Facebook allows you to create four similar ads, so it’s easy to experiment and find what works best for you. You can change the picture and/or the text in each one.

Have you ever run a Facebook ad campaign? Was it successful or not and if it wasn’t why do you think that was?

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