How to Keep Subscribers from Unsubscribing


If you’re in the internet marketing business you know how important it is to build a list of subscribers. You are building a relationship with your subscribers by sending out a series of helpful and informative emails, you’ll make money.

Building a list isn’t difficult and one of the easiest ways to do it is to offer something for free in exchange for a reader’s e-mail address.

Your Free Offer Must be Good

If you entice people to sign up to your list by offering a free eBook for example, don’t disappoint. If you use a squeeze page to capture email addresses include a short bulleted paragraph that tells the reader exactly what he will get.

I’ve encountered many sites within one particular niche who offer exactly the same eBook! As you can imagine the unsubscribe rate will be high. The reader will judge you and your site by what you give away.

If you’re going to offer something free, then make it unique – even if it means completely rewriting a PLR eBook. If you put no effort into the first thing that subscribers receive it’s not a good ways to start a relationship.

Court your Prospects

Yes it’s an old-fashioned term but you are building a relationship. How many boyfriends or girlfriends went by the wayside because they didn’t keep in touch regularly or if they did they bothered you all the time or bored you to death?

It’s exactly the same with email marketing. People should look forward to your emails and open them. You should only communicate with your list when you have something interesting to say, perhaps every three days or twice a week.

I’m told that the best time to send emails is during the week during business hours – as that’s when many people check their emails and they’re only going to open the ones that have eye-catching titles.

Sell, Sell, Sell

I don’t know how many times I’ve unsubscribed from email lists. The main reason being that every time I got an email they were trying to sell me something.

Internet marketers are especially guilty of this; they are affiliates for all their buddies’ products. You click on the link and get taken through to a landing page that goes on forever, spouting the virtues of a product that the sender probably knows nothing about.

I’ve been on lists where these people have sent me a link to other internet marketing products every day – it would be impossible for them to have thoroughly checked out the product before telling me how fantastic it was. So guess what – I no longer trust them and I unsubscribe.

Quality Content

A good rule of thumb is to send out three or four newsy or helpful emails for every one that promotes a product.

The secret to effective list-building and retaining those subscribers is to provide them with quality content just as if you were adding an article to your site. Keep them interested, make them laugh, offer them useful content – whatever – and you’ll keep them engaged. Just like in the days of cold calling it took on average 12 to 15 phone calls before someone would purchase, and it’s exactly the same with an email campaign.

Some autoresponder services offer a comment box when people do unsubscribe. Pay attention to those comments and see if you can improve.

How do you keep creating captivating emails to retain your subscribers? Do you have any tips you’d be willing to share?

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