How to Increase your Click-Through Rate

How to Increase your Click-Through Rate

You build a site. You build loads of backlinks. You participate on relevant blogs and spend hours participating on social media sites. You write informative, well-optimized articles and perhaps do guest posts – anything to get that blood flowing to your site.

So why is your click though-rate so lousy?

First off, not everyone that comes to your site is going to purchase something or click on one of your affiliate banners. They may actually be just researching information with a future purchase in mind. Provide your visitor with relevant and well-written content and chances are she will come back. Capture her email address and you’ll have an even better chance that she’ll come back and purchase.

Your Target Market

One of the most important things about promoting your site is marketing it to the right people. This may sound obvious, but too many internet marketers don’t take the time to find out, in-depth, who will be the people most interested in their product and where they hang out online. Find out exactly who your target market is and what they want. It’s pointless wasting time sending the wrong people to your site because none of them will buy anything.

To increase your click-through rate, ensure that the majority of people who visit will be interested in what you have to say and what you have to offer.

Build a Following

If you’ve been in the internet marketing business for any length of time you know that selling online is not about shoving products in people’s faces and saying “Buy this!”. It’s a far more subtle process that involves building relationships and trust – even before promoting your product. You can have the most attractive affiliate banners on your site but few people are going to click on them if those products are not relevant to them.

So know your target market inside out and offer them the things they’re looking for. That also includes great content directly focused on information that your target market will need. Post that content regularly and you will build a loyal following.

Promote Benefits

When someone is considering buying a product, they always want to know “what’s in it for me?” What are the benefits of purchasing the product you’re promoting over another?

This is what your articles should focus on, but they shouldn’t be salesy. People always want to think they’re in control in the buying process.

Give them useful information about how they can save time or money by owning your product, for example. The fact it has pink handlebars or a 12-horsepower motor is a feature. You can mention those of course, but always concentrate on benefits. And always let your personality shine through. You don’t want your articles to sound like something cut and pasted from a company description.

This is where video can be such an enormous help to internet marketers – it’s a very effective way of demonstrating a product and getting your personality across, so people will like and trust you.

Site Layout is Important

If you’re an affiliate marketer take a long hard look at your site. Is it confusing? Are there too many links, ads and banners on it? Can a visitor navigate around your site easily?

It’s hard work encouraging traffic to come to your site and once the visitor is there you don’t want to lose her. She has probably arrived because she followed a link from another site. Is the page she landed on easy on the eye? Is the text laid out in such a way that she’ll want to read it? Does it contain the information promised in the title?

Use lots of white space on your site, especially in and around articles. Readers will skim text to see if the information they’re looking for is there, so use lots of bullet points and snappy heading and sub-headings. If she sees a relevant heading, her brain will say “go read all of this – it looks like a quick and easy read.” Make sure you use a 12-point typeface and increase it to 14-point if you’re aiming at an older audience.

Ad Placement

Google bots hate encountering sites that are splattered with ads and banners above the fold – even if they are Adsense ads! Visitors don’t like it either.

If you want to earn commissions from affiliate marketing it’s important not to have too many ads and to monitor how well those ads are doing. All your ads should be relevant to your main topic and not just there because they offer high commissions. If your niche is  poodles, an ad for an industrial waste disposal unit will never be clicked on!

If a banner is irrelevant or isn’t making you a bean, replace it or get rid of it altogether. Sometimes less is definitely more where ads are concerned. Monitor your ads’ performance at least weekly and experiment.

Lousy Links?

The words you use in your links must be enticing, not just “click here”. Be creative, and if possible add a benefit for clicking here.”Follow this link to find out how you can save hundreds of dollars,” is far more compelling.

If you’re leaving a link to your site on a social media site or blog you may be limited by the amount of space you have. A URL such as  takes up a whole line and would never fit on Twitter! Use a URL shortener like and that link will look a lot friendlier and less intimidating. Of course this isn’t necessary for links on your own site.

An Opt-in Box will Improve Sales

Although capturing a visitor’s email address has nothing directly to do with click-through rate, it has to be mentioned. Building an email list, especially if you know your visitors are qualified, means you get a second bite of the apple.

If your click-through rate is 2%, that means that 98 people out of every hundred have visited and gone away empty-handed. Many may never return unless you can capture their email address.

With a list you can regularly remind those folks that you’re there and send them further useful information, industry news or coupons and special offers – whatever is relevant to your niche.

An email campaign is probably the most effective ways of increasing your click-through rate. If you do it right. Offer people something enticing and of value, such as a free report.


So, to get a better click-through rate you should:

  • Know your target audience
  • Give them what they’re looking for
  • Promote the benefits of your product
  • Add your personality
  • Make your pages uncluttered and easy to read and navigate
  • Capture email addresses

How is your click-through rate these days? Did you find an effective way of improving your CTR? Please share your secret with us!

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  4. Hi mate. Very good post of CTRs. Have you tried using multiple ad copies to see which of those perform better and then replicating them in other ad groups to see if that makes a difference?


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