How to Get More Visitor Sign Ups

How to Get More Visitor Sign Ups

When designing a blog or website many people overlook one extremely important element and this is the opt-in box. They may be right in thinking that at first that they’re not going to get many visitors or perhaps they are so tied up with all the aspects of marketing their website they’re just too busy. They may even think that an email marketing campaign is a waste of time but unfortunately they’re wrong. The money really is in the list.

Overlooking this part of marketing can actually lose you money even if you only have a trickle of visitors at first. If you started your site out on the right footing, you’ve already added some good quality articles. If only one visitor a day comes to your site you have missed the opportunity of building a relationship with that person.

One of the first things that should be considered when building a new site is your email opt-in list. Therefore building an opt-in box should be an integral part of the design process. Starting a website is cheap, you’ve already paid for a year’s hosting or you’re paying monthly. Go one step further and sign up with a good autoresponder company – you can pay them monthly too. Some companies offer their services for free or on a trial basis. You have some time to figure out with which autoresponder company you want to go until you have a set amount of names on your list.

Opt-in Box Design

You will be given a large choice of colors and designs by the autoresponder company. You should add the box in a prominent place on your website so no visitor can overlook it. At the top of the sidebar is very often best – somewhere  above the fold. You can find designs that have flashing arrows or a cartoon character pointing to the box. These are very effective for enticing people to sign up.

Ask for the Minimum Amount of Info

Most autoresponder service also give you a large choice of fields that you can add. Don’t be tempted to ask for too much information because people won’t sign up. Stick to the first name field and an email field. If your business really requires an address field you can always get this information at a later date.


Remember that most people are bombarded with emails. They’re not going to sign up if they have no idea what they’re going to get from you. Tell them. If all you want to do is send out a monthly newsletter, let them know that. If you want to send them a free eBook make sure that they understand exactly what they’re going to get.

Always state that their email address will not be sold or used for any other purposes. This builds a little trust.

Follow Up

If you’re going to send out a monthly newsletter until you get a loyal following they probably won’t even notice if you forget! Nobody’s going to email you and say “Where’s my newsletter this month?” You’ll just be forgotten about. This is exactly what you don’t want to happen!

Sending a continuous flow of short but informative emails is all part of the marketing process. They help to build relationships. If you are promoting certain products you want people to purchase them from you not someone else!

Make Each Email Count

You want all your subscribers to read your emails. Make sure you craft eye-catching and enticing titles for each one and don’t think the purpose of sending out every email is to make a sale.

Indirectly it is but receiving a stream of emails from someone two or three times a week that only try to sell something will mean you’ll get a long list of other subscribers. Make your emails helpful and informative and not salesy. Make your emails something that subscribers will look forward to on a regular basis.

If you’re getting a good amount of traffic and very few people are signing up then it’s time to experiment. Try redesigning your opt in box or moving it to somewhere more prominent on your site.

What has your experience been with opt-in boxes? Did you have to redesign it or move it to a different position on your blog before you found the best place for it? We would love to hear from you.

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