How to Get Ahead of other Affiliates

If you are like most people today, when you go shopping you look for the best deals. Take for example grocery shopping. If you live near to a few different supermarkets, why do you choose to shop in one rather than the others? They all have pretty much the same products on the shelves, so what is it that makes you spend your money at one rather than the others?

It is probably either price or convenience or you simply like one shop over another.

The affiliate world is just like those supermarkets – you can get the same product in many different places, so what would make you purchase a product from one affiliate site, rather than another?

The answer is probably the same as above – you like the site better, or their prices are lower and they have more special offers. Convenience doesn’t really come into the equation with online shopping.

If you are an affiliate marketer you are probably trying to figure out how to get an edge on your competitors and thinking like an offline business will help you increase your sales.

The best way to capture buyers is to make your affiliate offer unique. Do something different such as posting reviews or videos on your site, or offering freebies – you have to stand out from the crowd by any means possible.

Savvy shoppers will look for special offers and incentives and if you can offer special pricing, free samples or bonus offers through your affiliate link, you will be ahead of the game.

It is proven that this works. How can discount stores offer consistently lower prices than others? It’s a numbers game, they make a little less profit but they sell more items. Even if you are an Amazon affiliate, your commission rate steps up after you sell a certain amount of items. That’s their incentive for you to sell more.

Select an incentive

If you are in the position of being able to offer free samples, or can offer two-for-one or any other valuable bonus, go for it. Unfortunately most affiliate marketers simply can’t do that, so you will have to look at creating a bonus, such as a video, free report or ebook.

If you can write and are adept with a video camera then do something with those talents.  Create something that is useful to your prospective customer and that will help or enhance the product you are promoting.

You should be an expert on your product anyway and the best way to promote something is by owning it yourself. So if you are promoting anything that you know people may have a problem with, make a short video showing how to set the thing up, or some tips on how to use it.

If you can write a short report on anything related to your item that is useful – it shouldn’t take you long to write, but half an hour writing a short report may increase your sales a lot! FREE is most people’s favorite word.

If you promote cooking related items, send some free recipes in an eBook. If you sell diabetes related products, send then some free recipes and tips, and you can always hook them into signing up for weekly recipe tips if they use your opt-in subscriber email so you can build your list that way too.

Create an Incentive

If you decide to make a video, spending half a day doing so will reap big benefits. If you want to offer an eBook, you may be able to buy one already made from a site that sells PLR (Private Label Rights) articles and eBooks – you buy it and have the rights to distribute it to all of your customers.  Just make sure it is good quality and relevant to your product.

There are many freelance sites where you can hire a writer to make your own eBook or report, if you don’t like to write. Use,, or

Get Your Incentive into the Marketplace.

Tweet about your incentive, post it on Facebook, pay for advertising if you feel confident that you will recoup the investment, add it to any signature boxes you have on ezine article sites.

Advertise and promote and you will start moving ahead of your competitors. Think outside the box, you are an entrepreneur and that’s what they do to stay ahead of the crowd.

Have you had success in affiliate marketing by offering incentives? What did you offer?  We would love to hear from you so we can offer tips to those just starting out.

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5 Responses to How to Get Ahead of other Affiliates

  1. Great post lots of value !!!

  2. You make some very valid points Jan on doing things to stand out from the rest of the competition. Offering discounts and special deals are a great way to stand out and can go a long way in Branding yourself as someone that gives value and looks to put the customer/client first.
    Great Post!
    Kathleen Cooley recently posted..My Blog on Marketing part 2My Profile

  3. Jan Hickling says:

    this is really good info. I am planning to add affiliate marketing products and thanks for some great tips
    Jan Hickling
    Jan Hickling recently posted..SHINE with HealthMy Profile

  4. Hi Gabriele,

    the points you have laid out here are very crucial ones for any affiliate marketer. To be able to generate sales and also satisfy the customer, there has to be something special or an incentive (Like you said) about your offer. There’s so much competition out there, and an affiliate marketer who’s looking to succeed needs to apply the principles on this post. I have been able to create my own free products (Ebooks mostly), and that has been helping me a lot. Well done, thanks for sharing.
    Otoabasi Umonting recently posted..“Is It A Scam” He Asked The Blunders Of A MLM NewbieMy Profile

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