How to Avoid Five Big Traffic Killers

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In an ideal world you’d be able to build a website get a few unique visitors daily and sell something to each of them. Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that, conversion rates can be as low as 1% for some products, meaning that you have to attract a large and steady flow of new visitors to your site to make money.

If you’ve ever looked at your bounce rate you’ll be able to see how long a visitor stays on your site and how many pages they visit. This should give you a clue if you suspect you’re doing something wrong, meaning that you’re not making any sales or building a substantial list.

Lousy Content

Providing quality content is the first thing you should concentrate on. If what you’re providing to your readers is irrelevant, unreadable, too long, full of errors or boring, they’re not going to stick around. If you attract visitors to your site by submitting articles to directories, but most are rejected, it’s obvious you’ll have to improve your writing or outsource to a good writer.

If you want your visitor to read an article then a short, captivating title should be used. Titles are very important and should contain your keyword at the beginning which will also attract organic traffic from the search engines.

When you write, stay on topic. If you title your article “Your Keyword – 6 Ways to….” make sure there are six points and use bulleted lists if possible and/or subheadings to break up the page so it’s easier to read.

One thing that many new internet marketers fail to include in their articles is a call to action. This is usually contained in the final paragraph or concluding line telling the reader to complete a desired action, “download my free eBook now”, “get more information here,” “subscribe today.” If people don’t know what to do, they’ll leave.

No Squeeze Page

A squeeze page is in itself a call to action. Without an effective squeeze page you will not be able to capture leads which you’ll need to build an email marketing campaign. A good squeeze page will offer an incentive for a visitor to sign up, such as a free eBook download in exchange for their email address.

You need to encourage people to keep visiting your site, and an email campaign is an ideal way to do that. Sending out regular emails containing a link to your site will bring you repeat traffic.


Irrelevancy encompasses content that is off target and promotion of products that your target audience won’t be interested in. If you use Google Adsense placing your keywords near to ads triggers Google to serve up relevant ads to your visitors.

When looking at affiliate products to promote, put yourself in your visitors’ shoes and ask yourself if you were searching for information about your key topic would the products you’re promoting be useful to you.

Ignoring Subscribers

You have to regularly stay in touch with subscribers or they’ll forget about you. If you only send out one email a month then chances are subscribers will think you’re either lazy or don’t care – and that’s if they remember who you are. Don’t make the mistake of only sending emails as sales promotions; it’s a quick way to get people to unsubscribe.

There’s no excuse for running ineffectual email campaigns, if you’re paying for an autoresponder service – use it to its full potential! Send out an email every three days or twice a week. Again, good content is important and a snappy title essential. Emails should be short and informative, only add a sales promotion in perhaps one of every five emails.

You always have people who unsubscribe. Using a quality autoresponder service such as allows people to comment on why they are unsubscribing. Most won’t, but learn from those who do leave a comment and if you see a consistent pattern, use it to improve.

Newsletters are a great way for staying in contact with subscribers, and AWeber will help you with those too. They offer a large choice of attractive templates that can help retain your readership and keep them coming back for more.

Bad Website Design

Is your site user-friendly? Can someone find what they’re looking for easily and do all your links, both internal and external work? If you offer free downloads, do the links work properly? Are your pages so cluttered with ads and banners it may be off-putting to a visitor?

Less is more where website design is concerned. There should be lots of white space and dark type on a white or light-colored background. It should be legible, uncluttered, interesting and visually attractive.

Can you suggest any other major reason why a site may not attract regular traffic that sticks around?

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