How Not to Be a Winner at Facebook Marketing

Facebook was designed to be a place where friends could communicate with each other; it was never designed to be a virtual shopping mall with 700 million participants. Its transition to a marketing platform has been clumsy, and I still wish it was a meeting place rather than a giant bazaar. Some folks have looked at Facebook and have been able to integrate marketing into it easily and very successfully, while others stumble in and make a mess of the whole deal. They’re like those shady characters in parking lots that try to sell you things from the trunks of their cars.

Social Media marketing should not be carried out by amateurs with names like Ann NonyMou$ nor G.R.Quick, alongside a picture of a wad of $100 dollar bills. It’s not their fault though, they wanted to break into internet marketing and were themselves scammed by a picture of a Rolls Royce parked outside a beach house and a man with a greasy smile telling them they could be an instant millionaire, if they just purchased his $47 guru course right away.

If you can’t ride a bicycle it’s a good idea not to enter the Tours de France.

Marketing is a process that has to be carefully researched and designed for each particular venue. To be a successful marketer using Facebook you would have to be a successful marketer outside of social media first. People are in there interacting with their friends, and the last thing on their mind is popping off to buy something.

There’s been an awful lot of drivel talked about social media marketing, and I have only seen one honest report about marketing on Facebook and that was from a company that had some bucks to spend. Even after studying the demographics and putting their targeted audience in the proverbial bull’s-eye, they came away with lackluster results.

That’s the problem. It’s easy to think that out of 700 million plus people somebody would be interested in purchasing your product, but in a social media setting it doesn’t work like that. Facebook is just like any situation on the internet where you are trying to market something, possibly even more so. You have to build strong relationships via your Facebook business page and only after doing that can you introduce your product. It’s all very subtle. Nobody will even bother about your product if you hide behind a stupid picture and have an equally stupid name to match.

The best way to market on Facebook is to be yourself, show pictures of you using your product and cultivate a strong following and a bunch of Fans for your business by practicing attraction marketing, just as you would if you built a blog or website outside of Facebook. In fact I prefer to market to people I don’t know. Bad marketing on Facebook is like haranguing your family and friends with a really bad marketing opportunity.

If this was happening outside of Facebook this amateur marketing would have definitely been subjected to another major Google algorithm change.

Do you market on Facebook? If you have had good results, please let us know how you do it by leaving a comment.

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