How do I Choose a Profitable Niche?

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You have two choices for finding a niche, choose something you know a lot about or choose something you’d like to know more about. With the first you’ll be educating and helping other people who want to know what you know and in the second example your readership will be learning with you.

Whatever you choose, make it interesting for yourself because you’re going to be doing this for a long time and you’ll have to write a lot about your chosen niche subject.

Selling Something You Know About

Everybody knows something about something; I don’t care what they say. There are very few niche subjects that cannot become profitable unless there are no affiliate products relating to the subject, the niche isn’t popular or affiliate products are low-cost and won’t bring in much in commissions.

This could be a subject like embroidery where there are only needles, silks, a frame and the embroidery foundation that you can sell, and perhaps your own work – none of which are expensive. Saying that, I’m sure there are people who love embroidery so much they don’t care about making a profit, they just want to share their expertise with others. With a lot of traffic they could make money from Google Adsense instead of affiliate sales.

Building a niche around something you know about can be a lot of fun and you really should concentrate on building good content initially. If you’re motivated by money rather than helping people you’ll probably be disappointed.

Niche websites can make money through Google Adsense, affiliate sales, memberships and by making and selling your own products.

Thorough investigation is always prudent before building a niche website. See what your potential competition is doing. By installing the Alexa toolbar you will be able to see where their traffic is coming from and how much traffic they have. If the sites that come up are badly maintained, contain little helpful information or they do not add good content regularly, then you’re in with a good chance of getting to number one in your niche.

Selling Something You Know Little About

This is a far more difficult task. Many an affiliate marketer has stumbled after writing a few articles on something they know little about, they’re not inspired or motivated to write about it or promote it effectively.

If it’s a niche that you’re truly interested in learning more about, then that’s a little easier. As you educate yourself you can educate your readers. Just don’t try to pass yourself off as an expert on the subject because somebody will find you out and any trust and credibility you’ve built may be destroyed.

Whichever you choose to do make sure the subject is “evergreen”. That means its popular now and will be well into the future. A niche website about the latest iPad will be obsolete within a year. Really the only people who can make money in such niches are expert internet marketers, they have the tools and resources to promote the site during the short time it is relevant.

When you come up with an idea for a niche use Google’s keyword tool to see how much traffic your main keyword generates each month. If there are only a few searches, then it means the niche is not popular. On the other hand if there are millions of searches then you may want to refine your choice by looking for a smaller niche within a larger one. If you wanted to build a site about keeping fit for example, you may have to delve further and specialize.

Do you have any further tips for finding the perfect niche website that will make money? Please share your thoughts with us here.

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