Google+ and What it Means to your IM Business

I think a lot of internet marketing entrepreneurs have been rolling their eyes at the idea of having yet another social network to contend with. When Google first announced its latest attempts at social networking many people thought it wouldn’t work, after all Google has tried creating social platform before and failed miserably.

This time it appears to be working. The recent changes on Facebook may have actually pushed a lot of people to try out Google+ to see if it will be any better. Facebook has a number of major failings including security which has come under scrutiny on a number of occasions.

From what I understand, Facebook intends to change from what was once a purely social networking site into a monster shopping mall, and this is going to turn a lot of people off.

Google+ is another social networking platform but it’s going to be a lot more user-friendly than Facebook and even more engaging than Twitter. Many internet marketers who got in during the beta testing period are already reporting increased traffic to their sites from Google+.

There’s also been a lot of talk about “bad blood” between Google and Facebook. Whether this is grounded in fact I don’t know, but I tend to think they’re just rumors.

Why would Google worry about Facebook? Google is after all the largest search engine in the world and has the ability to integrate all of its features such as Google Places and local search, whereas Facebook is just one messy, isolated social platform.

Social networks are all about trying to be like humans off-line. The aim is to be an effective platform for information sharing  like a business meeting and on another hand be like a virtual frat party. These were situations people used to get to know each other in before the internet age, and people now have hundreds of friends online that they interact with, but all from different sources.

Google+ has been designed to separate out the people with whom you have regular business meetings and those others that you relax and talk casually to. Facebook can’t do that. Okay you have a business page and another social page that you keep separate on Facebook but Google+ makes this far less cumbersome and much easier to negotiate.

The Cards up Google’s Sleeve

These are some of the huge advantages of spending more of your time on Google+ :

  • In Facebook nothing you write gets indexed, in Google+ everything is.
  • Google+ offers a lot more space than a 140 character Twitter post.
  • It beats Flickr by making photographs look far more attractive and encourages feedback and comments.
  • LinkedIn is all about your business persona but has become horribly spammy. Google+ allows you to be a complete person.
  • Google+ encourages more comments, sharing and interaction than Tumblr does.
  • You can share photos, videos, links and location data with everyone if you want, or only specific people you wish to share with – your different “circles”.

It’s good to be King!

Everybody should get into Google+. It’s far easier to arrange social network marketing efforts, and split up, for example, close friends and family, non-social college activities, your business, your church community etc., without constantly being afraid of upsetting someone, “looking bad” or saying something wrong.

You don’t meet with these people all at once in real life, so why have them all lumped together on one page in a social media site? I’ve always found Facebook very constricting, and hearing recently that employers are checking people’s Facebook pages as part of pre-employment screening – it’s time for many to get out, relocate and reorganize.

Look around and familiarize yourself with how it all works, and as the Google+ network expands you can grow with it comfortably. I predict this is going to be much bigger, better and easier to use than Facebook for everybody.

Have you already joined Google+? Are you seeing any results yet and do you like it?

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