Getting Organized

If you’ve come to the realization that an Internet marketing business is a business and not just something you do when you feel like it, you’ve probably also realized that there’s a lot of organization involved. Some people find it impossible to organize their days, even though they’ve had “a normal” job and are used to a structured work day. You get to work at 8am you have a break, you work some more, you have lunch etc. Structure is even more important when you work for yourself, and if you start out right it can remove a lot of the stress. Too many people end their days saying I should have done this, or I should have done that and if that’s you, then it’s time to get organized.

One thing I use is a huge desk calendar that hangs on the wall behind my computer. It doesn’t tell me everything I should do in a day it just reminds me about days I have to take off, doctor’s appointments etc. I’m constantly aware of those dates and days so that when I plan other things I know there are going to be any conflicts.

If you’re building a website then it’s a good idea to start out with a plan concerning the articles you’re going to write. It’s a lot easier to put it all down on paper before you start. You’ll find it more efficient when you come to do internal linking too, which is an important SEO element that Google bots look for.

One of the most useful free tools for doing this comes from a website called Its fun to use and incredibly flexible, and you can save all your random thoughts on there and then gather them into a coherent plan really easily. If you have yet to start a website use the thought mapping system to make a plan. For example when you decide what you’ll put on your website you’ll do keyword research and think about the articles that you can write based around those keywords. At this point these ideas are pretty random. Using you can make a bubble for each article that you want to write, then move them around and put them into categories more easily. Once you have a few different categories then you can arrange your articles in order along with any other ideas you have later.

You can even organize your day this way. In internet marketing every day some time needs to be set aside for building backlinks, adding content to the site, submitting articles to article directories and monetizing the site. It’s easy to lose track of what’s where after you’ve added a number of pages – you may not know or remember which affiliate ads you put on different pages for example. By making a bubble for each article you can also make a note of which ads you have on that page, and even keep track of passwords into affiliate sites. You can add dates, notes or anything useful that you know you’re going to need later. is even useful for planning articles, especially if you have difficulty getting your thoughts in order. You can make a note of the keywords and jot down any ideas you may have all in the same bubble, then when you come to write your article you’re not scrambling around looking for bits of paper. is one of many extremely useful marketing tools that can help to get you organized.

Do you have a way of organizing your working day? Are there other free organizational tools that you know of that has helped your business become more efficient?

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