Get Your Hands Off My Niche!

You know, after our long talk the other day, you gave me some great ideas! My idea is only slightly different, and I do appreciate the input!”

Internet Marketing is a learning game, and online business must keep up with what’s happening NOW. There are dozens, if not hundreds of courses to help in your studies, some good and some not so good.

When we find something that we trust and think will help us in our online business efforts, we adapt it, and apply it to our own niche and business model.

People teach these methods online and offline and give visual examples and case studies. A trustworthy and successful marketer will also give you examples of their own campaigns and sites, so you can go out and apply the same methods to your online business. The most savvy marketers lead and we follow.

YouTube for example, changed the whole face of internet marketing.

Only a couple of years ago, videos were unheard of in Internet Marketing, but now the technology has become so affordable, everyone is doing it! Sales pages are another example, with squeeze pages in huge type and glaring colors that are impossible to navigate away from. You may think they don’t work, but they do. Top marketing people have spent millions developing these ideas, and they have been tested and tested again, and they work very well.

But by the time we get around to applying these tactics, everything has changed again! Not to mention Google, with its ever-changing algorithms. What got you on page one a month ago may get you slapped by Google today.

Using other people’s ideas on the internet is the done thing; you have to do it to keep up, but staying ahead of the game is the trick.

Stealing other people’s ideas is another matter.

But it was my idea!

You spent hours, weeks, maybe even months developing an idea for your online business.  You sank everything you had into it and it has become your only income source. It is your baby and you wouldn’t share your brainchild with anyone!

But what happens if someone steals your idea? After all, ‘swipe’ is just a very nice way of saying ‘steal’ isn’t it?

Is it okay to steal my idea? Not from my perspective, no it isn’t. But what can I do about it? In a word, nothing. We all know it is unethical, but in the faceless internet world anything is game.

If I had invented something tangible, I could have had it patented and sued the person who copied it. But in the internet world plagiarism rules and good ideas are eaten up like candy the moment they hit the monitor, and the Guru-sharks are only too willing to sell you their “new” or “secret” methods.

The same thing happened to me when I had a bricks and mortar store. I came up with a great little saying and printed it on my business cards. Someone came in my store; picked up my business card, and next thing I knew he had a website with the same name. What could I do about it? Apart from never speak to this guy again, absolutely nothing! He even claimed it was his little saying not mine. Baloney.

Sure I could have had it trademarked, but it was only words, so I didn’t bother. He swiped it, and there was nothing I could do.

Time and time again I see entire websites copied word for word. The only solace is that Google spiders hate duplicate content, so the copier will not rank as well as the original, number one because of the duplicate content, and number two because Google also takes the age of a website into consideration.

There is a HUGE difference between using a business model and swiping a business model or an idea. Sadly, there are far too many people on the internet who are out to make as much money as they can, with no concern for ethics or morals.

Please don’t be like them.

This is what happened with my first successful website:

I drink gallons of tea every day. I like all kinds of tea and have visited plantations in Sri Lanka and India. I decided my love of tea could be a great basis for a website. I toiled over the site for two months, day and night. I constructed it with a trustworthy company that taught me how to do everything. After 90 pages, I was beginning to get a little income from the advertising. I had a lot of compliments on how nice the site was too.

All the time I had been building it, a friend of mine had asked me about the company I was learning with. I told him. Proud as I was of my accomplishments, and I guess naïve, I told him the name of my website too.

A month ago he told me he had always been interested in tea, and was building his own website on the subject, and was even going to offer certain types of tea for sale on the site, buying it wholesale and putting his own brand name on it!

I was so disgusted I sold my site and have not spoken to him since. I felt kind of violated. I can’t even look at his site, because it smacks too much of my ideas and a lot of my articles are (badly) rewritten on it! I did sell it for a nice profit though!

You see, you can’t trademark a concept.

It’s NOT Okay

A lot of people just do not seem to realize that swapping ideas does not mean swiping ideas. There are a million niches out there for anyone to grab. Every day something new is invented, or released, or something happens that people need stuff.

Use the concept, but please get your own niche ideas! In a vast subject like “Making Money Online” there are still lots of hidden niches that can be capitalized on. There’s no need to steal.

Get over it and move on. Let karma deal with the swipers.

It is an enormous problem online, and perhaps it may give you an insight into why Google keeps changing its algorithms. They want unique, original and helpful content on the internet, not a whole bunch of repetitious rubbish.

It’s hard being the Internet Police.

“Oh, by the way, I borrowed your bicycle the other day.  I’m not giving it you back because it’s better than mine.”

What the…?

Gabriele Cramer-Knebel
Internet Marketing Training

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  1. Donna says:

    Indeed, I agree with your blog in here plagiarism is a no-no and we must have to consider it sometimes. There are a lot of online marketers out there who steal ideas and even blogs or articles from others, this should be avoided. If we want to be successful in the online marketing industry in a clean way, we should have to know what are we doing, what are the rules to take into account. Besides, it is always been a good idea if we would have a good intention when making money online.
    Donna recently posted..What is LifeMy Profile

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