Free Backlinking Strategies

Getting good backlinks to your website is one of the most important SEO strategies for bringing in free organic traffic from the search engines, and thereby increasing your page rank.

Below are a number of free places where you can find good quality backlinks. Relevancy is very important, so make sure if you use forums and blogs for commenting and gaining backlinks the site has something to do with your main topic.

Nobody is going to follow your link if the content of an article is incomprehensibly spun or unreadable, or you leave worthless comments like “great site dude.” Leave valuable, informative and helpful information wherever you go to get backlinks and you will receive a valuable backlink in return.

Article Marketing Sites

One area article marketers find free backlinks is via directories submission. Since the major Google algorithm change early in 2011, many article directories disappeared because they did not check the quality of the work submitted to them. Those that do remain are looking for quality work and their standards have (thankfully) improved.

Comment Boxes on Forums and Blogs

Participating on forums and blogs relevant to your subject can be helpful to you, the blog owner and other visitors to that blog. Active participation on blogs and forums where you’re allowed to leave a link back to your site can increase your reputation and bring you lots of free traffic. If you’re stuck for topics for articles, either of these sources can bring you ideas, especially from questions asked by participants.

Contribute regularly to as many blogs and forums as you can, the more you can spread yourself around the more backlinks you’ll get.

Guest Posts

When you regularly leave informative comments on other people’s blogs, the blog owner may contact you to write a guest post. This benefits him because he gets good quality free content and will be a major benefit to you because it can bring you a large amount of traffic. If you do participate on a blog regularly, you could also write an article and send it to the blog owner to see if he would like to use it.

Social Bookmarking

Placing social bookmarks on your site enables readers to share your content with others. Most social bookmark sites are free, all you have to do is sign up and share the URL of your site alongside others. You get lots of backlinks this way especially if you have excellent content.

YouTube & Video Marketing Sites

YouTube gets millions of hits every month and if you’re not using video to market your product and website then you’re missing out on the chance to get lots of backlinks easily.

Instructional, educational and videos containing demonstrations of products are very popular, so don’t miss out. Make sure the sound and video quality are good as YouTube viewers are very critical. Make a unique video that stands out above the rest, and you have the opportunity to get thousands of hits and “go viral”.

All the above sources will bring you free backlinks if you are persistent and consistent.

If you’re looking for a regular supply of top quality backlinks from sources that contain your target audience, you might consider using an SEO backlinking service. These services are much better value than going with an automated system because you’ll be dealing with experts who will always consider your best interests.

Purchasing backlinks from “link farms” is iffy to say the least. Most of the links you’ll get will be of little value, be irrelevant and Google knows all about link farms and may penalize you for using them.

Have you discovered any other great ways for getting good backlinks to your site? We’d love to hear your comments.

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