Article Marketing Quality not Quantity

Article marketing used to be an effective way of gaining backlinks and getting an audience for your product, but since the Google Panda slap in April the effectiveness seems to have waned somewhat, only the better sites have survived and those are where you should place your articles.

As an article writer and internet marketer I have never found it a big deal to write about my chosen niches because I’ve always built sites on the principle of knowing and understanding the topic. To some that is not the way they do business, their logic is quantity and not quality. I was horrified when I learned recently from one client as to what he does with my articles after I have sent them to him. This particular client trawls Google for underexploited keywords and builds sites around them, using Amazon and other affiliate companies as a source for his commissions. Writing articles on watering cans and pink slippers probably pays me more than it brings him in return – though I could be wrong. Luckily I can write just about anything on any subject – and optimize it too – it’s all just words after all.

My article is spun so many times that the 50th article is probably like reading Chinese, and she submits these spins to sites that distribute them across hundreds of article marketing directories automatically. I would never want my sites associated with such unreadable trash. The Google Panda slap knocked many of these article directories down so far they will never get up again – and guess what, I’m glad.

I don’t care what article spinner you use, correcting all the articles it produces takes nearly as long as writing a fresh article. It will drive you bonkers. Fifty articles is a day’s work at least – that’s if you bother to check them at all.

If you can pick a niche, know something about it, and better still be passionate about it, it’s the best way to start in internet marketing. Write your articles with the aim of helping someone who doesn’t know much about your subject, it’s only then you can create a relationship with your visitors, develop trust, be seen as an expert and then make sales.

Yes of course you can still write articles and submit them to good article sites. Good is the keyword in that sentence. When I write articles with the intention of putting them on such sites, I make sure they are interesting, unique and definitely readable. It’s far better to write five articles and submit them to five good sites than spin one article fifty times into incomprehensible rubbish – what does that say about you? Exactly, you don’t give a damn and you just want money. The chances of anyone ever reading that garbage is minute anyway – never mind following your link and making a purchase.

The top internet marketers know how laborious and time-consuming writing articles can be. One niche requires at least one good article every other day, at least two or three well-written, unique articles submitted to only the best directories, and essential backlinks can also be acquired by leaving interesting and useful blog and forum comments.

Four or five niches and you will have a full-time job, writing, submitting, finding good blogs and replying to comments. When you add an article to a WordPress site, it takes time to write and proofread it, optimize it, write h2 and h3 headers, find and add media, add photographs and affiliate links and/or banners. That’s without making your own videos for YouTube and getting involved with the whole social media marketing gig and there’s all the keyword research involved too!

How many articles do you need to write for article submission sites? That depends entirely on how many sites you have, and how much time you are able spend every day writing. If you want to have an affiliate marketing empire there is no way in hell you will have time to do everything properly if you’re aiming at 100 sites all earning $5 a day each. That’s about the dumbest thing I have heard, it sounds great in theory – but just think about it. I earn a living as a writer but I can’t write articles for more than 6 hours a day before my brain seizes up.

If you are just starting out in internet marketing, don’t spread yourself too thin until you start making enough money to begin outsourcing. Choose no more than three or four niches you love and stick at it, but understand that you are going to have to do a heck of a lot of writing for at least six months.

The internet should remain the “information highway” and not be a flea market full of worthless crap.

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