Are You An Online Marketer or An Affiliate Promoter?

Are you an online marketer, or do you simply add affiliate links and banners to your website?

Marketing 101 teaches us the four Ps.

  • Product
  • Place
  • Price
  • Promotion


Every business exists to offer a service or a product.  Entrepreneurs are the people who had the original idea for that service or product, and dedicated their lives to the promotion and development of their dream.

There can come a time in a successful corporation’s life when the entrepreneurial spirit will be extinguished.  If the founder has maintained control of the company, this is less likely to happen, but most entrepreneurs will eventually submit to the conservative natures of other stockholders and leave the company.  Very often to start another entrepreneurial business!


Place is defined by physical location in the real world.  On the internet, through your web hosting service, it is a domain name.


You have to determine if you are going to be a specialist, or bulk discounter. For example, you can purchase an office copier at both Wal-Mart® and Staples®.  The copier may cost you less at Wal-mart® but you are less likely to get the specialist help you might need if you buy there.  Therefore Staples® can charge more for that product.

So where do you want to position your company?

It will take a certain amount of testing to determine at what price points you can sell your goods or service.


Say we have a product that normally sells between $10 and $50.  If the price goes outside those parameters, we find that sales fall off.  At under $10 the consumer becomes suspicious, and priced over $50 it is just too expensive.

A test shows that we can sell:

  • 1000 items weekly at $10 each, weekly sales = $10,000
  • 500   items weekly at $50 each, weekly sales = $25,000
  • 650   items weekly at $45 each, weekly sales = $29,250

In this imaginary price test, we can see that by pricing our product at $45, it will earn us the largest amount of money overall, so when we launch our product it will be priced accordingly.

This is a rather simplistic way of showing this, but it may help you to understand the ways of determining a product’s price.


Promotion is the process of telling your customers about your product or service.  There are many different methods of promotion and each should be tested to see how it works for your product or service.  Each promotion should be run with a specific goal in mind.


Promotion and marketing can be one of the biggest expenses in running a business.  Bear in mind, if you spend days generating only one $45 sale using free advertising, you have not made any money!  Your time was worth more than the profit you have showed.


A successful marketer will do a lot of advanced testing and research before committing his dollars to a particular marketing idea.  Yet most people who run web-based businesses call themselves marketers without any predetermined strategy or goal in mind.

You will fail as a promoter if you do not understand the complete marketing equation.  Learn from what the successful entrepreneur does; invest time and money wisely, and then re-invest.

Gabriele Cramer-Knebel
Internet Marketing Training

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