Affiliate Products and Marketing Success

One thing you will hear from many affiliate marketing aficionados is that you should promote a product that you’re familiar with, passionate about and love. It’s certainly an excellent idea when you start your first website, it will make life considerably easier because you’ll be able to write lots of interesting articles and you’ll be full of great ideas.

Many successful affiliate marketers choose products that they know little about but still make lots of money. Why is that? It’s because affiliate marketers who own dozens, sometimes even hundreds of websites do very little of the work involved, they act as coordinators more than anything else.

They have people who build their websites, do keyword research, and create their header graphics and any other graphics that may be required; they pay people to write articles, post blog comments, obtain back links and create autoresponder messages for them.

Success in affiliate marketing means not only freedom, but earning passive income while doing as little work as possible, but it does take capital to be able to achieve this. In the beginning they reinvest profits made from their sites into more sites, better tools and outsourcing and they have the capital to be able to survive while they do this and it can often take a year before seeing significant returns.

The most difficult part of promoting an affiliate product is writing about it. There’s very little you can say about a kettle, a pair of shoes or a gardening tool! Unfortunately to get high in the Google ranking you will have to write regular, relevant articles to achieve this status.

The great thing about affiliate marketing is how cheap it is to start out (if you don’t include your time). I’ve asked a number of successful internet marketers this question: “how long do you give an affiliate site before you pull the plug on it?” The answer is usually somewhere between six months and one year. After that they will sell the site or not renew the domain name. It certainly isn’t like closing a bricks and mortar store, with affiliate marketing you’re not left with a pile of unsold stock, the hosting continues for all your other sites and basically all you’ve lost is the $10 spent on the domain name and the time and expense you’ve put into article writing and building backlinks etc.

Because one website doesn’t make a profit you shouldn’t throw your hands up in despair and quit affiliate marketing altogether. There are literally thousands of products you can promote, so don’t give up. Many affiliate and internet marketers tried and failed in the beginning until they found the right products and an effective system for successful marketing.

If like many affiliate marketers you’re just stumbling along earning a few dollars a month from one website, reinvest those few dollars and search for other affiliate programs that may interest you.

Successful affiliate marketers often own dozens of websites, they may make $200 a month on average from one site which isn’t very much, but multiply that by 50 sites then $10,000 a month sounds a lot more enticing. Of course they have to pay to outsource the drudge work such as getting back links and writing articles but even after that it’s a pretty decent income for doing just a few hours work a day.

Check the Affiliate Company if it’s Not in a Network

Before you even start your first affiliate marketing site, find out about the company and its products first. Sites such as Commission Junction ( include many hundreds of different companies offering thousands of products and they thoroughly vet those companies before allowing them into their network.

If you find an affiliate program that is not within a network make sure they pay on time and don’t deduct fees and other charges before you get paid. An affiliate program should NEVER charge a fee. Search the company with the word “scam” or “complaints” after the name and see what comes up. You can also check the Better Business Bureau for any complaints.

Ask Yourself These Questions:

  • Is the company paying enough in commissions to make promoting the product worthwhile?
  • Can I write enough quality articles to satisfy visitors and Google?
  • How much competition does the product have?
  • Can I make my website unique enough to stand out above the others?
  • Is this a product that people will be buying well into the future?
  • Is the product going to be easy to promote?

Marketing Is the Keyword

Successful affiliate marketers follow proven systems. Usually what works for one website will work for all. They find a good writer and employ them to write all their articles.

Many top internet marketers are very open these days about the systems and tools they use. There are a number of very well respected internet marketers who have their own websites designed to help newcomers. Find a couple that you like and get on their e-mail lists. (If every time you get an e-mail from them trying to sell you something then move on to somebody else.)

There is a lot of information on the Warrior Forum about the best and most helpful internet/affiliate marketers you can learn from. Don’t be distracted and start buying all the products you see advertised on there or you’ll just get confused and frustrated – many products are well-marketed but useless.

Spend a lot of time researching a system and the products you’d like to promote and you’ll have a solid foundation for your business.

Do you have any further tips that can help people thinking about starting an affiliate marketing business?

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