Add Videos to your Blog to Increase Traffic and Money

One of the most effective ways of marketing your website is through the use of video. If you understand what “attraction marketing” means, you will understand the concept of self-branding and one of the most efficient and effective ways of doing it is through the use of video.

One of the things that search engines take into account when they rank your blog will be how long visitors stay. The longer you can keep a visitor interested the better your “bounce rate” will be and having a video on your blog is the easiest way to keep a visitor interested for more than a few seconds.

YouTube gets literally billions of hits every month, and many of these hits come from people who are looking for information about products they have purchased, or things they may want to purchase in the future. They may have purchased something that requires technical explanation, and if you can provide help by doing a demonstration on video rather than writing all the information down, it makes it a lot easier. When people are looking for information about a product, if you have a short, helpful video that explains how they can use it, chances are they’ll click through to your blog and you will get the sale.

When you’re making a video you should always show yourself using the product. That way people will see you know what you’re talking about. Showing your face is all part of attraction marketing and even though you may hate seeing yourself on video, you’ll have to get used to it! If you don’t know how to make a video, don’t use the excuse that it’s too technical or too expensive to buy the equipment – these days that just isn’t true. Everything you need to make a video is cheap – there are webcams for sale on for under $20!

Take the time to analyze other videos on YouTube that promote the same product as you and decide which ones are the best. Don’t copy them exactly, inject your personality into what you do so people will get to know, like and trust you. Some of the most amateurish videos on YouTube actually get the most hits, so don’t think that your videos must be Hollywood quality!

When you make a video don’t make it last too long – people get bored quickly. Stick to one subject in each video to avoid any confusion. If you get tongue-tied with a video camera pointed at you just keep practicing, write a script and keep going over it, and it won’t be long before you can produce great videos quickly. Always remember that sound quality is as important as video quality. Many YouTube videos are well made, but you can’t hear them or the sound is fuzzy, so make sure you get a good microphone, position it correctly, and speak clearly.

By using good keywords in the title of your video it will ensure people can find it easily. It’s all part of SEO, which will increase traffic to your blog and the money you make.

Do you use video in your marketing efforts? When you started using it, did you notice an increase in traffic to your site and better sales? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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