7 Things to Know About Affiliate Marketing

There’s a lot of misinformation online, especially about affiliate marketing. This is mostly put around by people who want to make money from you. They’ll say you can get rich quick in a ridiculously short amount of time and that affiliate marketing takes little effort. It just ain’t so. If they’re not trying to sell you information you can find for free, they’re trying to sell you tools that automate everything from backlinking to article writing. Don’t be suckered in.

Choosing a Product/Affiliate Program

There are millions of products offered through affiliate programs and these products can cost from a dollar up to many thousands of dollars. You’re going to put a lot of effort into promoting the product and you want to able to make a decent income.

The key to this is getting targeted, qualified traffic. With an average conversion rate of 1% for many affiliate products, would you rather make ten cents or $10 for each sale? I think the answer is obvious! The amount of effort you put into marketing either product is going to be the same, so make it worthwhile.

What happens when a visitor clicks on an affiliate banner but doesn’t buy immediately? Check to see how long that cookie remains active. With some merchants it may only be 30 days but with others there will be a permanent cookie so it won’t matter how long it takes for that prospect to purchase for you to get paid.


Knowing how well your product converts is essential. If you find one of your affiliate banners is getting hundreds of hits every day but you’re not making any sales, then there’s obviously something amiss. Either the company is not converting on their end or there’s something wrong with the product. Move on to something else.

If you’re lucky and find a product that converts well, keep pushing it!

Product Choice

If you want to build a business that lasts long into the future then choose a product accordingly. Electronics, especially phones and computers are obsolete within a few months so they’re best avoided unless you’re an expert online marketer.

Quality Content

Everything you do to promote your product needs to be the best you can produce. Don’t be tempted to sign up with companies that will spin your articles and send them out to hundreds of different article marketing sites. Unless spun articles are carefully checked they will be nonsense with your name on them. Okay you may get a number of easy backlinks but nobody will read the article or click through to your site.

Content is probably the most important thing you will use in your marketing efforts. Know your product thoroughly so you can answer questions honestly and help prospects make an informed decision.

Choose the most well respected article marketing sites and submit quality content regularly. These articles will be around for years to come and can generate traffic long after you’ve forgotten about them.

Build Trust

One of the reasons why you’ll create so much content will be to build trust with your visitors. People buy from knowledgeable people they trust.

Love What You Do

Choosing products that you’re familiar with and love will reflect in everything you do, especially content creation. Your enthusiasm will shine through and rub off on your visitors and a great way to do this is make your own videos. People will associate your happy face with the product and be more inclined to buy from you. If you are able to write interesting content, and a call to action at the end of your article, people will click through.


If you use Google adsense then you’re probably aware that Google requires you to post certain disclosures. If you make money selling a product mention it. Although most people will be aware that your website was set up to make money, by clearly disclosing that fact you become more transparent and trustworthy.

Do you agree with these points and do you have anything further you can add?

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