5 Tips for Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

Affiliate marketing for beginners is not as simple as many people might like to think, but if you are an organized, methodical person you will not find it too difficult. It takes dedication of time, thorough research and a good system to follow.

If you don’t make any money from your first couple of affiliate sites, it is more than likely you will give up, but persistence is key, and affiliate marketing can cost very little and when done correctly can be the key to earning thousands of dollars monthly.

Here are five quick tips to help you learn the easy way if you are new to affiliate marketing.

1. Get help

You can’t build a successful affiliate website without help. Start by joining one or two good affiliate forums. You can watch as people swap ideas and ask questions. The more you learn the easier it will become. Don’t be distracted by people whose sole intent is to sell you their ‘secret’ formula, or something that they claim makes them zillions of dollars a month. The name of helpful software or a course may keep coming up and only when you are convinced that it will help you should you buy.

2. Be organized

Marketing products and services is not quick and easy. There are a number of steps you must go through and it’s common to get confused and burn out. If you focus on money, then it is going to be very difficult for you. Understand that marketing is primarily about helping people with their needs.

Affiliate marketing is a business, not a hobby. You will have to spend a certain set amount of time – which you should determine beforehand – working on your business, to make it successful.

3. Understand time management

You should dedicate set hours of the day to your business and treat it like a job. Make lists and plan your time. Learn to ignore that you are online, and use the time you are working at your business for research and practical reasons. No surfing and no chatting on Facebook – unless it is pertinent to your business, focus. In the 30 minutes you wasted you could have written a 500 word article!

Part of your time will be spent learning, especially if you have chosen a niche you need to know more about. Keep that time separate from your writing time or your website building time. Learn to manage your time strictly.

4. Start with something you know.

Affiliate marketing, for beginners, can be overwhelming so start out with something you know.It’s easier to write and talk about something you are familiar with than choosing something you think might be more profitable but you know nothing about. There has to be a balance too between what you know about and the money you could eventually make. If you know a lot about knitting, for example, take a look at the affiliate products you can promote and how much commission is involved, you may find that your niche subject is not very profitable.

If you do go ahead with something you know a lot about, that will be reflected in everything you do, especially when writing your articles.

5. There’s more than one way

There are hundreds of people touting “the best”, “the easiest”, “the most profitable” ways in eBooks, software and courses. All these people know about affiliate marketing is to take the naïve beginners’ money. If you do buy one of these courses and you don’t think it will work for you, get a refund.

Affiliate marketing for beginners is about getting a system in place and then building your business from that. Treat it as your job. Write down your goals and run with the ball. If you choose a subject that doesn’t work, try again, it’s always easier the second time around.

Gabriele Cramer-Knebel
Internet Marketing Training

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