5 Things Social Media Wont Do – Part III

Social Media Marketing Won’t Let You Turn Off Other Marketing Efforts

The correct marketing and advertising mix is unique to each organization. Diversity, as in a stock portfolio, is the key.  Eager clients are often too ready to drop their traditional marketing efforts and go all-in on social media marketing, but that is not a wise decision. Even though we are an interactive marketing agency, we still believe in traditional offline marketing.

Balance is very important, your online strategies can do more than just protect you from a disaster in one well-established area; your marketing campaigns should actually complement each other.  Studies have demonstrated that social media, SEO and PPC advertising all work together to increase click-through rates by maximizing brand visibility in search results.  It makes sense; it’s just like the grocery store.  If you see a major brand on display at the front of an aisle and also in another section, the shelf-space effect not only gives you more opportunities to purchase that product, but seeing it repeatedly impresses the product on your subconscious.

Social Media Marketing Won’t Be Something You Regret

So what can social media do? It will not fix your product problems but will bring any faults to your attention.  It will not replace other marketing efforts but will complement them. It will not be cheap, it will take hours of work, and it will not be easy. So, what will it be?

If you do your homework and get it right, it will be magic. It will strengthen customer loyalty. It is part of a formula that could make your brand a household name. It will also empower your customer, when he has a problem.

If you have ever owned a retail store, you know how good it feels to have your customers say how much they love your shop. More importantly, you know how much it helps your business to operate in a way that generates that kind of loyalty. When you operate correctly within social media, whether you have a bricks-and-mortar store or not, you will generate the online equivalent of that experience.

Social media marketing will not be what many people expect. It can be one of the most powerful tactics that a brand will have for years to come. If you follow the right plan, social media marketing will not be something you regret.

Gabriele Cramer-Knebel
Internet Marketing Training

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