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How’s Your SEO Joe?

Tweet Most of us have websites with one aim in mind: to make a few bucks! When you have found your chosen niche, provided excellent content, and designed the site in a pleasing and navigable way, you’ve done the easy … Continue reading

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3 Ways To Keep An Eye On Your Competition

Tweet Most People Would Call it Spying! With the hundreds of resources available online and with the transparency of company information, it is a simple process to find out what your competitors are doing online and how they going about … Continue reading

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Keywords are the KEY to a Successful Site

Tweet Once you have chosen and researched a subject that you think can profitable, your next task is to research keywords.  They are called keywords because they are crucial to the success of your site.  The only people who don’t … Continue reading

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Online Marketing Beats Traditional Advertising – Ten Reasons Why

Tweet Online marketing is the fastest way of promoting your business and consequently it has become the most successful. The audience is global, and you have the potential to reach thousands, if not millions of potential customers every minute of … Continue reading

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How To Choose The Perfect Domain Name

Tweet Choosing a domain name can be simple or extremely difficult, it all depends what you are looking for. Remember, your domain name is a very important part of your branding and should be chosen with that in mind. It … Continue reading

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Five Steps to a Cost-Effective Internet Marketing Plan – Part II

Tweet These are the final three steps to creating your Internet marketing campaign: 3. Set a Budget It is no good setting a budget without knowing the costs involved. It isn’t the first thing you should do, although some would … Continue reading

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